Dear all,

As you have known Yuchun is nominated for Popularity Award of Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2011. We are doing our best and he is currently #1. So first of all, WELL DONE everyone!!!

However, the voting period is still VERY long (until December 20th). And our competitor is strong. We manage to create a (small) gap during day time but they always chase back during night time, and sometime even lead. Thus, together with Micky Baidu Bar, we are doing a project to call out people to help voting at NIGHT (according to China/Korea’s schedule). The idea is simple: We change shift with Chinese/Korean fans when they have to go to sleep.

So some of you may ask why, and this is why:

Do not think that you vote 30 times/day is enough. Many 30 votes/day will make it huge. True and not true. It’s true that many 30 votes/day will make it huge, but it’s NOT true that there are THAT many people who actually vote. Look at the number right now, Yuchun has about 868000 votes after about 4 days. Could we make that number if most of us only voted 30 times/day? No, so the answer is, SOME people must be voting countless times/day. And these some people are mostly Asian fans. This might be a difference in our culture of loving idols, but 6002SKY personally adores and respects them for doing that. Everytime Yuchun won a popularity award, he won thanks to all the hard work of fans. So we think, it is time for us, international fans to help, even if it is only a tiny bit. We can not, and should not rely everything on Asian fans.

So please, if you want to contribute your help to bring Yuchun to Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2011, drop us an email (6002sky@gmail.com) and we’ll tell you all the details…

No pain no gain… We work for what we get…

PS: If you really want to help, but for some reasons you can’t, it’s alright, just don’t forget to keep voting by yourself xDDD~

Much Micky Love,