111120 Elle 2011 Sharing Happiness Star Supporters: YOOCHUN SAYS


Q: The word is that you spent a while abroad.
A: That is right. Actually when I go abroad, I come to just stay in the hotel room except for official schedules. I dim the lights of the room and drink. Haha. A bit ago in Spain, I drank 17 bottles of beer.

Q: If you drink like that alone don’t thoughts multiply.
A: Yes. Thoughts that come, one after another… I don’t want to think but when I look at it, it seems that I am enjoying it. And then I write a bit. I have quite a few notes that I’ve scribbled in, whatever the topic. Later I would look at them and perhaps use them as lyrics. Most of the lyrics in my songs have come about that way.

Q: Your thoughts on charity activities.
A: It is a good thing. But I don’t care for too much of the “please compliment me” stuff.

Q: Are you doing any kind things.
A: I have my own. I don’t want to reveal them.

Q: If there are small moments of happiness recently.
A: Yoohwan has become much better at acting. Even when abroad I monitored him throughout, with YouTube. When I see that, I don’t feel proud but rather I feel “happy.” Is that dull? But nowadays I like those typical things.

Q: If you have a thing that you always tell yourself [to do].
A: Err… (silence for a few seconds) I really don’t know. (The manager who could not stand it [the silence] says that ‘for instance, Yoohwan said ‘let’s not have regrets’). Nah, that is something that you know only after you regret.

Q: If you are given free time to spend doing whatever you wish.
A: I want to go to a [Buddhist] temple. If I have the means then I want to leave [behind] my phone and I want to spent a bit of time at the temple with ease.

Q: Songs you listen to with pleasure nowadays.
A: Well, would Junsu say Tablo-hyung? For me, it is Linkin Park. Just listening relieves my stress.

Q: Plans for the future.
A: I am making a personal work room in my house. Around December it will be finished probably and I plan to devote myself to songmaking from then on. And I want to meet a good work next year also. I am thinking of concerts too… As for plans, there are many, yeah!

Yoochun put on a hair piece.
His image is chilled, or perhaps lonely. His personality was calm as was his appearance.
But on the contrary, the staff who saw him blew up in laughter.
“Oh wow, aren’t you Yoohwan?” When with dogs he seems to be having quite a bit of fun. He said that he moved into a house from an apartment to have a dog, and he took home a golden retriever from the camping ground. It is a calm day of “winning lotteries”—from it being the first photo shoot filmed with his real brother and bringing in a new member of the family.

Source: Elle Korea, December 2011
Secondary Source: DNBN
Translation by: JYJ3
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