120322 The Chief Director of SBS Drama Division highly praising Park Yuchun for his performance in Rooftop Prince

[Newen, by Hwang Yuyoung]

‘Rooftop Prince’  The reactions to Park Yuchun are so hot.

Park Yuchun played double-role of Yong Taeyong and Lee Gak in the first episode of “Rooftop Prince” aired on the 21st of March. Park Yuchun, who demonstrated more mature acting ability compared to ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ and ‘Miss Ripley’, showed us spontaneous images with a casual manner when playing Yong Taeyong while he digested more serious attitudes for his acting when playing the role in Chosun Dynasty.

Kim Youngseop, Head of the Chief Producers of SBS Drama Division evaluated that “Park Yuchun demonstrated different aspects of his acting compared to his previous dramas. It is not easy for veteran actors to play a double role of two different characters at the same time, but Park Yuchun’s acting for 2 roles does not feel reluctant at all.

Especially, CP Kim highly praised that “Park Yuchun proved his capacity for playing the center role of his drama and demonstrating stability in his acting.”

From the second episode of “Rooftop Prince”, with the Crown Prince starting to adapt to the modern world, a full-fledged story will be unfold.

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