Yoochun’s solos over the years Part 5

Now come the latest two compositions and solos by our man. I think most of Yoochun’s new fans have already knew about this two songs.

It was released last year in their first Korean album as JYJ called “In Heaven”. People complained that Yoochun didn’t compose enough recently, but I am happy with just this one. It was a long song, 8 minutes long twice the length of a normal song.

It is one of the hardest composition and the hardest to sing in my opinion. He didn’t not sing this song at every concert when JYJ were on their World tour last year. Consider you are lucky if you hear and see him sings it live.

The second song “I love you” was penned by Kyoko Hamler, rap part by Flowsik and composed by Yoochun.
It was released in “The Beginning”. The live performance of this song is very hot, it will cause a few noose bleed if I post it here. If you want to watch live, search it in youtube, it’s every where.

The video clip below was performed by Yoochun on the second day during their first concert in Bangkok, but it’s not a full version. It was one of the highlights if not THE highlight of the concert. Yoochun caused a sensation when he sang with such emotion and lay down on the sofa and carried on singing.

The nameless song part 1

This is a full 8 minutes version with English subitle.

I love you – English subbed.

Credit: green43eyes, gtoilala, ieylia
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