120604 Fans all over the world celebrating Yoochun’s birthday


Hello, we are Indonesian Chunsas~

27? Not too old not too old Yoochunie~ ;))

And you still have us, your Minnies~ ❤

Be thankful that we are very cute haha

…and very cool~


We are cute too, ok? xD

and we have that beautiful little girl in hanbok too ❤

And sweetttttttttttttt, our Choha loves sweet~ Yum yum

…and out hearts are even sweeter~


and we framed Yoochunie in out hearts~

What is sweeter?

You see that? Awwwwww~

Happy Birthday Yoochunie~


You guys are cute but we are beautiful hehe~




and sweet too~


In birthday party, there must be…. birthday cake :))

1st one – Heart shape

We have fanboy here, too~

Awwww cute~

Can’t forget birthday drink, TIO~~~~

2nd birthday cake – Chocolate and cream~~~~

3rd birthday cake – Let’s get blue~

Yoohoo~~~~ BIG party~

4th birthday cake – Stars~ Stars~ and pretty girls haha

Kiss me darling, kiss me, kiss me tonight~

5th birthday cake~ Cake and hottie collection :))

WOW 6th birthday cake – You are our sunshine~

Choha your yakult xD

Enough cakes~ LET’S PARTY ❤

Credit: International fans

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Thank you for sending us these precious photos.

Sorry for being lame… and no I am not drunk haha