Vote for Yuchun for 2012 Seoul International Drama Awards

Pics Credits: runtosky + JYJ19 + copyfatcat

How to Vote

70% of votes from will be accounted for Outstanding Korean Actor & Oustanding Korean Drama. People’s Choice Best Actor Korea will be accounted by the sum of votes from Daum and

You can vote once a day on both Facebook and Daum with one account.

The voting started on July 10th and will end on AUGUST 6TH. Please vote for our Yoochun.


1.Click Like to EnKorea Fabook. 

2. Vote for Yoochun in 2 catergories

– Choose Yuchun for Outstanding Korean Actor
– Choose Yuchun for People’s Choice Best Actor Korea

(In this category, there will be only ONE actor or actress representing for each country regardless of the gender will get the award as you can see in last year’s award. So there are not 2 awards, one for male and one for female  for Korea but only one award for the winner of each country. If you vote for 2 people at the same time, you unknowingly give others the chance to win over Yuchun. Please focus to vote for Yuchun only.)
– [Optional] Choose Rooftop Prince for Outstanding Korean Drama

3. A pop-up dialog box will appear and will ask you to confirm if you have selected Park Yoochun /Rooftop Prince.

4. Click ‘OK’, then another pop-up dialog box will appear and say

‘Thank you for participating in the SDA2012 with! Now let’s go to the next section.

5. Click ‘OK’ if you want to continue voting in another categories  or choose ‘Cancel’ to go through the voting process by yourself or if you’re done voting.

If you are still confused, take a look at this step by step  image tutorial made by Sally_2001, click here.


1. Register a new account or Log in your account here.

2. Choose Yuchun for People’s Choice Best Actor Korea 

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