120830 Yuchun won two individual awards at Seoul Drama Award

Rooftop Prince has won multiple awards at SIDA tonight.

Best Korean Drama
Outstanding Korean Actor – Park Yoo-Chun

Outstanding Korean Actress – Han Ji-Min
People’s Choice – Park Yoo-Chun

Outstanding hallyu Korean Actor

Rooftop Prince  outstanding hallyu  drama

Yoochun on Red carpet and Popularity Award

[TRANS] Yoochun’s interview during the Netizen Popularity Award.
(1) Which criteria contributes the most for your high popularity?
1. Good looking
2. Outstanding acting skill
3. Strong support from the fans
Yoochun: I should improve for the first and second options. So I choose the third criteria.
(2) By any chance, do you always search online for response from the public/fans?
Yoochun: I’m not really the kind of people who will search online for these.
(3) What kind of message makes you happy?
1. You are so handsome!
2. You are a genius in acting.
3. I’m always oppa’s fan!!
Yoochun: I’m still choosing the third option this time.[Trans] Yoochun’s acceptance speech for Hallyu Drama Male ActorYC: Thank you, thank you. To have encountered Rooftop Prince was a great fortune, once again I am grateful from the bottom of my heart.
MC: Yoochun-shi, can you stand up straight suavely? Everyone can hear you.
YC: Ah, the sign was telling to stand straight? I thought it was telling me to say more…
YC: Witnessed many people filming really hard, to have received love, I feel that it’s a huge honour. I thank Jimin noona who’s seated right now, Director Shin Yoonsub who cries whenever we meet, once again I’m really grateful. My family who have came over, thank you. I dedicate this honour to my father who wanted to see this work very badly but couldn’t. I will work harder in the future and become a more outstanding Park Yoochun. (In the future,) I ask for the same (amount of) love shown now. Thank you.

Translator: 暖日呀呀 @weibo + thexiahpwa @twitter + maettugi

Yoochun has won this award 2 years in a row. Congratulation Yoochun baby!!!

Credit: JjYcJs
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