121004 JYJ featured in Chinese Magazine ‘Pure Korean Entertainment’ – Yoochun’s Part

As the fan meeting almost begins, thrilled fans of thousands cheered together in korean ” Park Yoo Chun, I love you. Crown Prince, I love you! “

“2012 Park Yoo Chun Shanghai Fan-meeting ” officially begins Park Yoo Chun’s Asia Fan meetings Tour.

Starting with Yoo Chun’s exciting photos and short clip, Park Yoo Chun sang for his fans < Miss Ripley>’s OST < The space I left empty for you > amidst screams of delight at his entrance and live serenade. Following his gentle voice, all the fans sang along with him in korean, which touched him very much.

Since JYJ’s concert in 2010, its almost been 1 year 10 months for Park Yoo Chun to come to Shanghai to hold his solo fan meeting.

Yoo Chun said ” I was slightly worried to stand by myself on this big concert stage. As I have been very busy, I was unable to meet with my fans here in China in a long while, so I am very happy and glad that there are so many fans who came to support me today. “

With Park Yoo Chun’s updates on his recent activities to start things going, the exciting behind-the-scenes footage from < Miss Ripley> and < Rooftop Prince> were shown.

On this day of the fan meeting, special activities were prepared for fans to have close interactions with Park Yoo Chun. Other than showing < Rooftop Prince>’s best clips, there was Yoo Chun personally making phone calls to fans for guessing games, bursting balloon games with fans by hugging etc, and he also handed gifts to fans, spending a wonderful time with everyone.

Fans also prepared a well crafted short clip for Yoo Chun. The short clip recorded his exciting going-ons up to the present, and fans sang along together to the music in the clip for him.

Park Yoo Chun constantly expressed his thanks, and said ” Thank you very much for everyone’s support for me, I will repay you all by doing my very best in future.” After which, he did a live rendition of Korean singer John Park’s < That Song > for his fans to express his thanks and gratitude.

At the fan meet, there were a great many fans wearing Yoo Chun’s red track suit from < Rooftop Prince> to show their support. Also, fans who did not manage to get tickets to the event stayed outside the Mercedes-Benz Arena from beginning till the end to shout out Park Yoo Chun’s name.

Yoo Chun will hold other fan meetings on 8th Sep in Shen Zhen, 14th Sep in Taiwan, 16th Sep in Thailand.

Yoo Chun became the brightest star at the “Seoul International Drama Awards 2012″. He swept the People’s Choice Award and Outstanding Korean Drama Category – Best Actor Award. On that day his drama < Rooftop Prince > also won the Best Korean drama award. Thus he ascended the throne as a three-win king.

At this year’s Seoul International Drama Awards, Park Yoo Chun must be the star who stands out from the rest. He displays exceptional acting skills in Korean dramas and he seems to dominate all. In the intense war of the stars, he must be shining the most brilliantly of all.

Source: Daum
Translation Credit / Tip:  JYJLove
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