121211 COOL Magazine: 0825 Shanghai FM and 0908 Shenzhen FM – BTS Peek at the Cute Side of Yoochun


Little COOL’s repayment of debt!

Actually, one can say that COOL owes Park Yoochun this cover story. It was our intent to give him this coverage since his Shanghai FM, but due to various reasons, that didn’t materialize. Up till 2 days before finalisation, “cover page — Park Yoochun” were still written on the contents page. Though the FMs are sometime back, COOL has exclusive teasers to share! Really exclusive! Because of space constraints, teasers will be short and sweet. At crucial times like this, YY is most powerful!

From observation, Yoochun is a walking “inquisitive baby”. Before entering the departure gates at Incheon airport, something caught his eye (similar to children’s brain teaser games?). No matter how his manager persuaded him, he would not budge an inch. Giving up, his manager went to buy coffee alone. When he got back, Yoochun saw that there wasn’t any for him (manager hyung had ruthlessly bought only one cup). He started pouting, whining and pestering for his share (imagine the scene on your own).

As everyone knows, Yoochun has a small appetite. The organizing party specially prepared an assortment of snacks (including fruits, beverages and different kinds of tidbits) and place them in the hotel room and FM venue waiting room beforehand. However, at the end of the FM, there were a lot of leftovers.

Also, Yoochun really has a sweet tooth. He loves to drink caramel macchiato, indeed he is “Sweet-tooth Park”.

Whenever Korean stars come for events, the organizing party will play a good host and ensure that they have a conducive working environment. Food choices will usually be Korean cuisines to suit the preference of these artistes. However, Yoochun unexpectedly chose Chinese food over Korean food. He ordered quite a number of dishes himself (e.g: shredded meat in Beijing sauce, braised pork leg, fish paste eggplant etc.) and exclaimed that they are delicious!

The promotion poster for this round of Asia FM tour is decided by the relevant personnels in C-JeS. When Yoochun saw the poster, his first reaction was to sigh that he was photoshopped excessively. The eyes are bigger, complexion is better, fairer, and features more intricate. He joked to his cody, saying: “See, how handsome I am this way! Eh, since this is so, shouldn’t there be no need for make up during photoshoots anymore?!” He barely finished talking when he received a straight refute and demeaning LOOK from cody (hahaha).

Even though Yoochun will only perform 2 songs during the FM, he was not slipshod about it. He rehearsed each song at least 5 times~

According to the programme schedule, Yoochun is supposed to throw autographed balls at the audience during encore. When staff passed the props that look like “bowling balls” to yoochun, he was concerned and quickly checked, “Throwing these off the stage, when it hits them, will it be painful? Is that ok?”

Inevitably, staff are always be moved by Yoochun’s sincerity and humility. These FMs are no exception. Translator lady expressed that she did not foresee that Yoochun would give such heartfelt and honest answers (what he said after singing <>). After the FM ended, he left the stage and took a roundabout route to the staff who are packing the props – and bowed to them saying “You’ve worked hard, thank you”. At the same time, his aura and glance are also fatal. A staff poured out forthright sentiments: whenever Yoochun walks past, he causes a “breeze”. His cap, shades, shirt, knitted sweater that he drapes over his shoulder, slippers, they are completely Yoochun-style, very captivating. If you make eye contact with him unfortunately, you will die on the spot and will not be able to revive within a short while, because that fella will stare at you, stare, stare…… The surrounding air comes to a standstill, air flow only resumes after a few seconds. Precisely because of Yoochun’s “staring power”, a few staff (both male and female) posed this question, “is Yoochun half a beat slower?” and “Is he slow in realization?”. Each conversation takes quite a lengthy time, you have to undergo a round of “staring” scan before getting a reply. To this, COOL’s advice is: get used to it, this is Park Yoochun (burst out laughing).

After Shanghai FM, “Crown Prince highness” graced Shenzhen. Our “inquisitive baby” displays his curiosity again. As soon as he stepped into the hotel room, he started fussing over the massage chair, studying the structure and functional mechanisms with great interest. He kept mumbling to himself and eventually tapped on ROOM SERVICE to satisfy his need to chase down answers to their roots.

To sum it up, Yoochun seems to be very relaxed in these 2 FMs. He slept till natural-waking (definitely past noon = =), and wandered to staff’s room alone, greeting them “Good Morning~”. Yes, we did not hear wrongly, indeed he said “morning” and not “afternoon”. Imagine the pricesless expressions of the staff, responding to someone’s wide-eyed, innocent and angelic face.

After the FMs ended, organizing party threw a celebratory feast for everyone. On the way there, Yoochun kept muttering to himself: “yummy, yummy.” May I ask, you have not even stepped into the place, how would you know it will be yummy?! How hungry you are, keke.

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Text source: MickyBaidu

Trans by: Chloe6002

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