130201 Empty Space For You composer Jeon Hae Seong talks about song and Yuchun in Miss Ripley Guidebook

Yuchun acted as Song Yoo Hyun and sang the OST “The Empty Space for You” in the 2011 drama “Miss Ripley”. The composer is Jeon Hae Seong and there was an interview with him in the Miss Ripley Official Guide Book (Japan). Below are some translated excerpts from the interview.

Jeon Hae Seong

After being entrusted with the OST, I read the script and then I wrote the song.
A drama OST has to match the character in the drama, that is most important. As such, Yoo Hyun’s theme song “The Empty Space For You” was composed after much thought about Yoo Hyun in the drama.
Although he possesses many things, Yoo Hyun is a guy who is very pure. He has a high form of genuine love for one particular woman. When this pure aspect came to mind, I used it as the focal point and composed the music, wrote the lyrics.

Which part of the song do you like most?
“I don’t want you to be hurt ~ ” This is the part I like most.
When I was writing the lyrics, these words suddenly came upon me and I felt that they fitted very well with Yoo Hyun’s image. I recall using this part as the central point and then writing the rest of the song around it.

When composing, what did you most want to express?
I felt that Yoo Hyun’s song should be simple, like a nursery rhyme. Yoo Hyun is not a complicated person; in fact he is rather innocent. So I wrote with the feeling of something catchy and innocent. The part where “I love you” is repeated, it is simple but it can also touch someone’s heart.

The scene where Yuchun sings the song for Miri
The only regret is that, being an important scene, if another live recording was done for that performance, it would have been better.
(Note from PYCSGFC: In this scene, Yuchun plays the piano and sings, but the song we hear is the studio version with full instruments. It would have been much better if they had done another recording with just Yuchun’s voice and the piano for this scene.)

Yuchun’s “The Empty Space for You”
To be honest, I was worried at first. OSTs are different from other songs; they have a crucial role to play. An OST must blend into the drama. Besides singing technique, the singer must also express well the emotions and the feel. Even though he is a singer, and more so, an idol singer, I had doubts if he could express those emotions well. But he was excellent in both technique and expression. I am personally very satisfied.

What is the good point about Yuchun’s voice?
It has a clean-cut beauty that differs with each song, and at the same time, it has the special characteristic of youthful innocence.
And so I tried to bring out from this song his youthful image and he could also sing according to my intentions.
Just as he has a wide magnitude for change, I feel he is an artist that we can expect even more from in future.
His tone is more to the low key. Although he could clearly sing the high parts, I also felt it was little bit strenuous. However, later when I listened to the finished product, it actually had the effect of bringing out the grief and sorrow, and so on the contrary, I liked it even more.
And this, unexpectedly, fitted well with the mood of the drama.

An anecdote during recording
Because of late nights in America (Note fr PYCSGFC: he just returned from JYJ concert tour) and also due to drama shoots, Yuchun was really lacking sleep and you could tell at one glance when he came, but in spite of that, I saw him do everything he can to give his best and it was very touching.
Although he was not in a good condition, but the good thing is that he is originally a person with a solid foundation; he could finish recording in a short time of 3 hours; I was very pleased.

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