[Important] 6002Sky’s Polls

Hello Chunsa, how have you been? We have missed you.

As you know 6002sky was created not only to update Yoochun’s whereasabout and his activities for everyone who is interested but also to connect everyone who loves and cares for Yoochun together. We always aim for a happy, warm, and positive community of Chunsa in which we can communicate and share out thoughts to our fellows  no matter who we are, where we are from and what faith we are holding.

In order to do so, it is very important to know more about each other and our point of views on some certain topics that we all concern, right? These polls are created for such intentions. Please help us by taking time for the polls and answer every of them as honest as you can. Don’t be afraid because your identity will not be revealed to anyone. Your honesty is what we need the most.

One more reminder, even though we’d love to feel your sincerity and honestly, as you can see, most of the questions sound funny themselves as admins are Chunsa too, remember Chunsa should never forget to be chillax. Therefore, please take the polls at ease and with a relaxing mind and be comfortable if your opinions are not in the majority. In addition, please do leave us comments about these topics in the poll.We welcome all your insights except when they are disrespectful to Yoochun or about unrelated topics and people.

Please do not forget to help us spread it to people around you whether they are 6002Sky’s readers or not. Please come by and help us. Your participation in this will always be greatly anticipated and appreciated. Dealine will be one week from now, on Monday April 22nd 2013. The results will be revealed publicly on our blog.

Note: Most of the polls allow multiple answers.

From 6002Sky

With Love