130527 ABS-CBN Congratulated Yoochun on his 3rd Popularity Award at Baeksang Arts Award


“Congratulations, Kapamilya!” said ABS-CBN when they aired the clip of Yoochun getting his award at 49th Baeksang Art Award, which made it the 3rd year straight he got this award. ABS-CBN has been airing 3 out of 4 Yoochun’s dramas in Philippines and it is the biggest and the top network in the Philippines. The actors/actresses whose dramas got aired on this channel are certified to have big influence among dramafans in Philippines. Yoochun is one of the only few Kactors that got this title. If you can understand the neologism “kapamilya” , you probably understand how awarding it is. Simply, it means the network has recognized Yoochun as their family member and will grab all Yoochun’s dramas from now on. Very good news for both Yoochun and Chunsa in Philippines.