130825 Park Yuchun – TOP, is it the choice of God?

Park Yuchun will make his movie debut through ‘Sea Fog’ which is produced by first timer Bong Jun Ho who directed “Snow Piercer”.

Planning to have an acting collaboration with big sunbae Kim Yun Seok and acting a charming character which will leave a deep impression on people.

Using the same title as the stage play for this movie, it describes about boarding on an illegal smuggling ship, sailing to the open sea with the struggling for survival and love of the crew members. It is chosen as an anticipated work of Chungmuro.

Park Yuchun who acted as Dong Shik in ‘Sea Fog’, is a crew member of the smuggling ship which the captain is acted by Kim Yun Seok.

To protect his love and oppose the daring captain, Dong Shik is a strong and charismatic character.

Just like during this period through few dramas, Park Yuchun has proved his acting skills and rating potential, leading people related hold strong faith in his movie debut this time.

One of Chungmuro related person stated, “Park Yuchun and Choi Seung Hyun are the rare examples among the acting-singing idols who in reality their acting skills are very precise.

Besides their fan base and celebrity power, they have high appraisal for their acting skills as the same level as full time actor.

This is also the reason a lot of producers are paying attention to these 2 idols.”

Source: Nate

Chinese Translated by: 暖日呀呀

English Translated by: ParkYoochunSGFC

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