130904 Idol Stars, acknowledged by their acting skills instead of their names

The meaning of the entrance to the movie field of Park Yuchun from JYJ and TOP from Bigbang.

Park Yuchun and TOP were respectively selected as lead roles for ‘Sea Fog’ and ‘Alumni’

They are different  from the existing movies which considered the stars’ publicity.

The success of Suzy and Junho has also heightened the expectation.

Park Yuchun from JYJ and TOP from Bigbang respectively took the leading roles for ‘Sea Fog’ and ‘Alumni.’ They have demonstrated their talents as actors with acting skills while singing at the same , and rose as candidates for leading roles in the screen.

Firstly of all, their advancement to the screen has been evaluated that it was far from the strategic casting of idols to utilize their fandoms that existed before. This was the result of appealing their talents to the Chungmooro production teams and it was expected that their casting would become another casting standard for casting of idols stars in the movie from now on.

Up to now, there have been quite a few numbers of specially planned movies depending on the popularity of stars. FT Island Lee Hong Ki’s ‘Goodbye Party’ and ‘White: Curse of the Melody’ with some stars including Eunjung from Tiara are such examples. These were intended to make advantageous future positions in the global market as well as within the country to utilize the publicity of idol stars.

However, idols fandoms could not be linked to the screen. It is difficult that idol fandoms with the majority of teenagers can not influence in the movie market in reality because the primary audiences of movies are people in their 20s-30s and expanded to those in their 40s.

On the other hand, the stars have succeeded in their movies rather had a certain distance from their fandoms. Suzy who shared the burden of leading role with full-time actors (Architecture 101) and Junho (Cold Eyes) who kept in step with ‘strong’ actors are exemplary cases. They earned the effect of ‘killing 3 birds with 1 stone,’ which are big hit, less burden, and the acting skills which they learned from ‘veteran’ actors in the shooting sites.

The expectation for Park Yuchun and TOP came from such basis. Their casting has been largly recognized that they took an opportunity to demonstrate their own talents in the big screen regardless of the idol title.

‘Sea Fog’ is directed by Shim Sung Bo who wrote the screenplay of ‘Memories of Murder’ with Director Bong Jun Ho and Kim Yun Seok took the leading role for it. Director Bong Jun Ho who produces this movie explained why they selected Park Yuchun. He said that Park Yuchun who showed different characters every time from drama to drama hold their attentions. This means they saw his ‘acting’ first, not his fandom. Park Yuchun who will collaborate with such an influential actor, Yun Seok also grabbed the chance to show his whole aspect an intact actor through this movie.

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Lee Hae Ri reporter gofl1024@donga.com twitter @madeinharry

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