130924 [Special] Idol Face Off: Good Face to be an Actor – “Seafog” Park Yuchun

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After going through 4 dramas, he will now take the challenge to act on big screen. In <Sea Fog> produced by Director Bong Jun Ho, He will play Dongshik, a sailor on a smuggler ship, who protects his woman.

A female idol who has just turned to an actress gave an explanation for the situation that her ‘poor acting’ was heavily criticized, “The thought of seeing me as an actress is unfamiliar to viewers. I am originally a singer so they think I am likely to sing in dramas.” She is right. When singers who got recognized as idols turn to actors, the level of acceptance to the public is very low,  which results in a big burden for them. For the viewers, the gap between performing on stages and acting in dramas is huge; meanwhile ‘actors who are originally idols’ are transferring from their previous images to their new images with immature acting and fall under the hot  ‘controversies of poor acting skills.’

Park Yuchun has considerably easily crossed over the process of turning from idol ‘Micky Yuchun’ to actor Park Yuchun. He has selected attractive works, played the roles which fit him well, and presented stable acting skills. If we were to add one more key factor on top of these, that would be his ‘spontaneous face with natural facial expressions’. From him, we can’t find any awkward way of talking and uncomfortable staring eyes. Skyrocked noses or unnatural jaw line refined by plastic surgery are not the cases for him, either. Instead, he has a neat clean image and softly soulful eyes. He is handsome, but not the type of perfectly sculpture handsome so he can generate affectionate scenes with middle aged actresses well. While there are actors who are so handsome that their acting is shaded, is Park Yuchun an actor who is appropriately handsome so that his acting shines more ‘by virtue of his face?’ To sum up, that is a good face to be an actor.

He has succeeded through 4 dramas and is going to challenge himself to act on big screen as Dongshik who becomes desperate to protect his women hidding in a smuggler ship in <Sea Fog> produced by Director Bong Jun Ho. Due to his aristocratic appearance, he has played a millionaire, a classical scholar and a member of royal family. So, it will be a significant transformation for him. From an attractive guy having all such aspects as softness, elegance, sweetness and kindness to a tough seaman letting loose with Jeonla-do dialect, we already became curious about his new appearance.

Actor Park Yuchun’s Signature Face

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In his latest work, MBC drama <I Miss You>, from the scene in which Han Jung Woo and Lee Soo Yeon came back home together, lying on the bed and setting aside the exhausted situation for a short moment, we can sequentially see different faces that Park Yuchun has. From the determined attitude to protect the women he loves after finding her back, the expressionless look full of tiredness, and to the awkwardness he possessed while he was trying to kiss Soo Yeon. This is the reason why we selected this scene over the crying scene in the bathroom which made many women cry together.

Exact Resemblance! James McAvoy

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In the Movie <Atonement>, James McAvoy played the lead character, Robbie, who was in the center of heartbreaking first love. He was born with soulful eyes which shakes women’s hearts just like Park Yuchun. While he parades his peculiar dignity as a British actor and manliness, he sometimes makes a playful look and uses it as his fatal point of attraction. On the other hand, he is a skillful player at arousing maternal instinct with a tearful face when he is about to cry. In many aspects, the two resemble each other.

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