131102 ARENA Homme+ Magazine October Issue – Director Cho Won Hee: “Park Yuchun is the best example of Acting Idol”


Now, we need to find the best representative of acting-dol. With steady development in acting, starting as an influential idol star, succeeding as the lead roles of TV dramas and advancing to the movie field, JYJ member Park Yuchun is precisly the one.

It was true that there were lots of concerns when he starred in [Sungkyunkwan Standal] in 2010. However, he broke such worries from the beginning, succeeded in presenting the consistency to maintain his own stance in spite of the script with full of danger in [Miss Ripley], and eventually registered his name in the list of most successful actors in their 20s who are good enough to take lead roles through [I Miss You].

Park Yuchun’s next work is the movie, [Sea Fog]. It is the Bong Jun Ho’s first work as the producer. The acting monster, Kim Yun Suk is his counterpart.

Park Yuchun who turned into a rising star in the movie field from an idol has been considered the most desirable path among the actors who are originally idols in Korea.

From a column by Cho Won Hee

Original Source: ARENA Oct. 2013 


Translated by: uttunfan

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