131104 Park Yuchun starring in ‘Three Days’… The reason why we have high expectation on his unique path of acting

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Singer Actor Park Yuchun has finally confirmed to star in ‘Three Days’ after his casting for ‘Sea Fog.’

Park Yuchun is coming back to small screen with ‘Three Days’ (working title) scheduled to be aired in February next year.

‘Three Days’ is the drama portraying the imminent situation between the guard who was in charge of searching for the missing president and the president  who went missing after the sound of three bullets during his visiting the vacation villa for holidays.

In the drama, Park Yuchun will play the role of Han Tae Kyung, an elite member of the Presidential Security Office who never misses the sound of the wind and will show off his charms of masculinity

Particularly, Park Yuchun decided to take the role without hesitations after he read the synopsis from which he could feel the strength of the solid storyline. Moreover, he also has a high expectation for working with Writer Kim Eun Hee of ‘Sign’ and ‘Ghost’ and Director Shin Kyung Soo of ‘Deep Rooted Tree.’

Park Yuchun’s choice of ‘Three Days’ definitely displays the fact that he has been fulfilling his filmograph as an actor with a clear identity of his own.

Looking through his filmography up to now, he selected fusion historical drama as his first work to challenge the field of acting. Although it was a risky choice for the first work of a singer who was about to turn to an actor, it resulted in more strength for him in successfully landing in the acting field. Subsequently, as his next work, he chose classical melo, ‘Miss Ripley’ and he solidified his stance as an actor through it.

Afterwards, Park Yuchun has broadened his spectrum of acting and proved his power to lead dramas once more.

Furthermore, Park Yuchun who now challenges the big screen with the movie ‘Sea Fog,’ the first work of Bong Jun Ho as a producer. He has continued his unique path and has been walking on his way as a genuine actor. Along such path of his, the choice of ‘Three Days’ by Park Yuchun who has powerful influence among actors in their 20s is the reason why we have an expectation for what he will show us as an actor in the future.

On the other hand, ‘Three Days’ which Park Yuchun stars in is scheduled to be aired via SBS in February next year.

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More information on Three Days’ production

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Right in the planning stage of Three Days, many top actors sent love call to the writer with the desire to star in the drama. Other broadcast stations also wanted to buy the airing right the drama. Kim Eun Hee, who is a rare writer in Korea to write this unique gerne and has been successful in her last 2 works, has been preparing the script for one year and the script is said to have “high maturity”. The drama is planned to be preproduced the first half, expected to be a high quality drama.

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