131105 From Bong Jun Ho to Kim Eun Hee, why did the the masters in their own fields select Park Yuchun?

He stands out as the next-generation actor with the highest potential

Now, it is time to remove the phrase  ‘coming from idol’ in front of the name of Park Yuchun.

Because he used to be a top-level singer who actively performed crossing national borders, many people had prejudice toward him. However, Park Yuchun firmly placed himself as an actor through ‘Rooftop,’ and ‘I Miss You’ after he proudly brought ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal,’ his debut work for acting to a success.

Setting the number measured by viewers’ rating and the reactions from audience aside, there are other reasons to mention Park Yuchun’s name. This is because people who are called maters in their own fields have continuously selected Park Yuchun.

Park Yuchun who have worked with veteran writers including Lee Hee Myung and Moon Hee Jung received a love call from Writer Kim Eun Hee who will pen SBS new Wed/Thurs miniseries, ‘Three Days’(directed by Shin Kyung Soo). Writer Kim Eun Hee who previously wrote intense dramas such as ‘Sign’ and ‘Ghost” is the most representative writer in Korean style genre drama. She has never done casting solely based on the popularity from the public. She selected weighty actors with solid acting skill. Thus, Park Shin Yang and So Ji Seop were casted to be the heroes in ‘Sign’ and ‘Ghost.’

Therefore, the fact that she picked Park Yuchun as the lead role of her new spy thriller drama has a special meaning. It can be considered that she acknowledged Park Yuchun as an actor himself who should be exclusively evaluated by acting skills.

Chungmuro also recognized Park Yuchun’s real value. The acting for the big silver screen is supposed to be different because the degree of concentration and immersion from audience is different. If a small detail is not in the right track, the emotion can be ruined. This is why actors also have to act with much intense concentation with every single cell of their bodies.

Director Bong Jun Ho who is well known as ‘Bontail’ (Bong Jun Ho + detail) because he is precise to details of his works casted Park Yuchun for ‘Sea Fog,’ the first movie produced by him. It is directed by Shim Sung Bo who wrote the screenplay of ‘Memories of Murder’ which brought Director Bong Jun Ho to the stardom. They are famous for precise and picky eyes to appraise actors. The fact that they selected Park Yuchun means they appreciate his potentiality which can be pulled out by their directing.

A personnel from the movie field said, “Recently, ‘young blood’ like Yu Ah In or Yeo Jin Gu is transfused to the movie field. Young actors who were excellent from the beginning are very rare. The ‘potentiality’ is more important to them who are still in the growing process. It can be said that Director Bong Jun Ho and the like caught such ‘potentiality’ in Park Yuchun. This is the reason why we have high expectations for ‘Sea Fog,’ the work of Park Yuchun’s movie debut.”

Ahn Jin Yong reporter realyong@sportshankook.co.kr

Credit: Naver

Translated by Uttunfan

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