131125 JYJ LINE UPDATE: Yoochun Watching the Sun Rising on the Sea “Thank You…And Good Morning”

(6:52AM KST)

Please listen~

URBAN ZAKAPA ‘When Winter Comes’

(6:53AM KST)

The season..when someone came to me~

It’s winter..

I’m Yoochun…^^

(6:54AM KST)

Someone said….heh

I must stay up whole night to get the taste of it and Winter is cold by nature…


(6:55AM KST)

The dawn is breaking on this sea again….

I’ll go and take a short nap now…

Everyone please be careful not to catch a cold..^^

(6:56AM KST)

Thank you… And good morning ~^^

Credit: JYJ LINE + onlyurjuliet

Translated by: shinkipeia

Shared by: 6002sky

URBAN ZAKAPA ‘When Winter Comes’