131223 Seafog Moon Sung Keun Tweeted a Photo of Yoochun at Filming Site “Dongshikie~”

RT @actormoon: 영화 ‘해무’… 배우 실사진 최초 공개!

이렇게 빛나는 섬세한 분장술…
‘떡진 머리 창욱이 동식이’ http://t.co/jzMNkAL4e0

[TRANS] Movie ‘Sea Fog’… The very first time the actors’ real photos revealed!

The fine make-up skills which is shiningg like this…
‘Greasy head Changwook-ie and Dongshik-ie’

(Note: The head below belongs to Yoochun ^^)

Credit: @Actormoon + Shinkipeia

Shared by: 6002Sky

(Dongshik is played by Yoochun and Chang Wook is played by Lee Hee Jun)