140125 Collection of Information/Fanaccounts From Park Yuchun’s Happy New Year Fanmeeting in Seoul

(T/N: The wording of what Yuchun said may not be exact but the content is the same)

1. Yuchun appeared on stage in black suit with images and videos of his works showing on the screen behind him. He sang Walk In The Spring with her. After he finished the song, the staffs brought out the cake to celebrate his 10th Anniversary since debut, he said: “Quick” then he greeted fans: “After the light was turned on, because it has been a long time since the last time I had an individual fanmeeting, I am feeling a little nervous”. MC said Yuchun was so handsome when he saw Yuchun.

2. What have changed in the last 10 years?. Yuchun said: “There have been changes in the last 10 years because I have met all of you. They are basically  positive changes in my personality. And I have become more confident now.” So you have become an adult? “No, not yet” During the way, Yuchun  kept asking if fans can understand his Japanese.

3. Ideal type? “Not specific. Someone with good personality and loves me?  As long as I love her. What words would you like to tell her? “Be confident in yourself or I want to walk down the street with you…such things”. Favourite gestures of women? “It used to be her back sight when she washes dishes, but now, nothing particular, as long as she stays by my side”

4. Recommend 2 favorite Korean cuisine? “Tamago Yaki, fine kimchi, and memories. Memory is not a cuisine, but it is something that I want you to make a lot” Yuchun also recommend Japanese pickled plum. He said he had tried Japanese horse sashimi before but he does not like it.

5. Yuchun was asked to draw a picture. What can you draw the best? “Junsu” then he drew a horse and Junsu on its back, with his FC Men No 12 on his shirt. Yuchun then wrote his resolution in Japanese next to the drawing “Work. Love. I will try my best.”

6. What makes you happiest? “When fans said they would always be waiting for me. I feel like crying hearing that. I really want to meet you all. When my manager said I worked really hard, and that he was touched when he saw my acting…” What about members? “When Junsu asked Yuchun ah, what are you going to do today? Are you going for a drink? Don’t drink” “For Jaejung hyung, when he asked me to rest for a day and release my stress. I will feel happy.”

7. Yuchun said he finished training for Three Days and would start filming tomorrow at 5AM. He is still filming Seafog at the mean time, 2 weeks left until they wrap up the filming for the movie. What is different about Three Days? “Three Days is a SP (security police) drama, it is the first one in Korea. I practice with real gun. It is not just a drama, but also something that I can learn from. Because I will play an elite body guard, I receive training from a real presidential body guard. Acting is not just purely acting. It is a chance to get more experience. I have learned precisely things like how to get on and off the car, how to communicate by eyes and hands, how to look into rivals’ eyes”.

8. “Drinking soju and having some light snacks its relaxing for me. Whenever I go to places like this, I talk alot more. Recently I am too busy so have not got the chance to” His friends said his alcohol tolerance increased. First hour ended. 15 minutes break.

9. 2nd hour started with video messages. Yuchun was in Burbbery heart printed sweater. From Junsu: “Everyone please have a good time with Yuchun at his fanmeet. and… remember to watch his drama! ByeBye~~”. From Jaejoong: “Being able to stay together for 10 years, I’m really happy. Lets create more wonderful memories together!”. From Yuhwan: ” I want to meet hyung, I want Hyung to train his body fast, you are changing to be like ahjushi. Everytime When I see hyung not shaving your Mustache/Beard well, I will think… ah… You are already Ahjushi.” Yuchun then sang Old Song by Dong Ryul.

10. Next was game section. When fans won they got presents and a chance to hit Yuchun on the head by the plastic hammer. When Yuchun won, he became naughty and joked with fans. Yuchun was asked to kiss his manager when he lost the game, at first he said he could not, but he ended doing it. He was also asked to do sexy wave. He had to dance whenever music was on and his face turned super red. Yuchun also imitate Jaejung’s smile, stare and gesture.

11. Next game is Choose your favorite Yuchun. Fans were asked to choose a Yuchun’s photo from their phone. Yuchun asked if anyone has the photo of him with his mom. Some fans then got on stage to play the game. There was one pregnant fan and Yuchun asked if he could place his hand on her stomach. It was the most beautiful scene ever. The winner got a gift from Yuchun which is his favourite perfume: Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay. Yuchun said: ” I do not like perfume that causes discomfort to the nose (heavy smell)”

12. Yuchun’s weaknesses? “First, I will do whatever I want (Stubborn). Second, I bought 10 beauty vouchers last year and I still have 7 unused until now. Third, I drink too much. Even though I start working at 5 tomorrow, i will likely spend 1 hour after work to drink”

13. “Whenever I have fanmeeting, I get strength from fans. I will do my best before military service. I don’t know about members’ own wish but I wish we could come to Japan before army”

14. 2nd hour ended. Next was photo section. Fans got on stage to take photo with Yuchun.Then the fanmeeting ended.

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Translated + Collected + Shared by: 6002sky