140312 6002ism’s Support Project for ‘Three Days’ – Food support + Gifts to Yoochun

Food support

Lunch for 100 hundred staff

Six special lunches for Yoochun, his managers and stylists, focused on Yoochun’s favorite meals

Green salad with yuzu dressing

Hamburger steak (Korean beef)

Seafood fried rice

Beef and quail eggs in sweet soy sauce stew

Stir-fried beef and mushroom, eel

Miso-pickled pork

Grilled salmon

Butter-grilled abalone



Spicy Toppoki

Stir-fried squid

Grilled shrimp, chicken wings


Macaroons and handmade chocolate

Bean sprouts soup


120 serving drinks (coffee, tea and juice)

Candies, cookies and chocolate snacks

Gifts to Yoochun

Avignonesi Capannelle 50&50 (famous wine made in Italy)

René Furterer shampoo (shampoo made in France)

Free City hoodie

Credit: 6002ism

Shared by: 6002sky