140324 Excerpts from Yoochun’s Interview for Singles Magazine April 2014 Issue

Q: The reason you are attracted to the character of ‘Han Taekyung’?

Yoochun: He holds the master key of the entire case. Should I say it is a kind of ‘jungle survival’ (character) that has no boundary line between Good and Evil? In a situation alike to a riddle, he is a character who reveals the clues of the case. I wanted to try acting as a bodyguard since it is a job that I witness in my everyday life and thus understand to a certain extent. I also thought that it would be a chance to show another different side of me.

 Q: What will <Three Days> leave to Park Yuchun?

Yoochun: Action actor Park Yuchun? (laughs) The fact that I am also capable of doing action scenes.

First of all, if I even come to finish “Three Days” well, I would like that my acting doesn’t change depending on the surrounding environment. How is the environment here, how is the tempo there… There are a lot of these variables on the set. I would like my acting to not be commanded by these variables and to have a balance. And if that (balance) comes to clearly appear, then I think it will be a little easier for me to act no matter which role I will take on.

Q: A year ago, you said in your Singles interview that you wanted to act the kind of spontaneous acting. 

Yoochun: I really said that, back then? (laughs) Oh, It reminds me that before entering this project, after practicing the script reading, we all went to go eat along with my sunbae-nims. There was also a similar talk there. I said: “I don’t want to worry too much about the angle (of the camera).” And when I also said that I won’t try to stay only inside the angle (of the camera), Director Shin Kyungsu and the shooting director said: “Just do it spontaneously!” and that they will take care of the angle themselves. Of course, there were scenes where I needed to adjust to the angle (of the camera) but when it was not the case, I just wanted to act freely.

Credit: huyu1216 + grace_loves_sky

Translated by: Sheena

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