140401 Full Translation on Park YuChun’s Interview from Singles Magazine April 2014 Issue




SCENE#1 March 15th, the air at 10 o’clock in the morning


The extreme coldness of the month of March made it unbelievable that the temperature was above zero degree. Squeezing myself into my down jacket. At the front of one of the buildings in Goyang city. Around 50 staffs and actors were walking around. To get rid of the tiredness and coldness of shooting drama early in the morning, staffs were  wearing 2 layers of down coats. This was the shooting location of SBS drama <Three Days>. It has received a lot of attention since the stage of preparation. It is an action speculative Korean drama with “suspense” genre that is unfamiliar to most of the audience. Shin Kyun Soo director of <Deep Rooted Tree> and scripwriter of <Sign> and <Ghost> are cooperating in this drama. This is the reason why the drama was described as “a drama that can be trusted”. Park YuChun and Son Hyun Joo are the main characters for the drama that has been crowned. It is a story between the missing President (Son Hyun Joo) and bodyguard Han Tae Kyung who is full of doubts about the death of his father and finding clues about the President. The charms of Tae Kyung who risks his own life to protect the President were shown through the tough lines from the script. Even if a pistol was pointed straight at himself, he was still able to say, “Just pull the trigger! You think a bodyguard would be scared of bullets?” this kind of words. We always see weakness and sadness through Park YuChun’s stares. From Tae Kyung this character, we can only see “burning anger”. Park YuChun felt unfamiliar yet happy when he met “Tae Kyung”.

Among the staffs, a familiar face could be spotted. That person is actor Park YuChun. Stepping nearer to have a look, he has a delicate face plus husky voice. After completing the shooting yesterday, he prepared to go to sleep. The alarm to gather for drama shooting could be heard while he was lying down on the bed and stretching for a while only. Not only Park YuChun but all the production staffs who gathered for the shooting were surrounded by tiredness. They tried to cheer themselves up  for the calm and nimble scene. On 12 and 13 of March, the weekend after the broadcast of episode 3,4 of the television drama, the atmosphere of the shooting set was subtle with nervousness where staffs were gathering for the scene in episode 6. The special make up effect team were walking around busily. Another incident was going to happen to Han Tae Kyung. To capture the feeling of the scene, few rounds of rehearsals were done. All of the staffs were holding their breath during the non-stop repeats of the rehearsals for that one scene. Everyone was looking at “Tae Kyung” who was shouting loudly. Director then voiced out his OK for that scene.




I saw the scene where the demonstration was held. Before important scenes were shot, actors and the director would sit in front of the screen. Listening to director Shin Kyun Soo’s instructions, Park YuChun was taking into consideration his role as “Tae Kyung” on how he should express his feelings. Even if they have finished shooting the scene, their conversation had never stopped. Looking at the rear view of these two men, suddenly the phrase “chemical reaction” occurred to me. I felt that it would be nice to use it between Shin Kyun Soo director and Park YuChun. A director who has never missed a small detail or instruction; another one who was smart in interpreting them. There must be chemical reaction between them. Both of them met each other for the first time through this drama. He is very smart, therefore his ability to analyze the script is good too. Most of the time, actors have their own analysis of the script but their ideas would differ from the director’s; But no matter what instructions you gave him, he could carry it out very well, and his ability to reflect on his acting is excellent. And no matter what situation he faced with, his ability to create a variety of creative details was quite remarkable. I asked director Shin Kyun Soo a question on how is Park YuChun as an actor. This question maybe a bit formal. He could actually answered me in a short statement but he answered it seriously, with sincere words. “Outstanding acting skills. Furthermore, the abillity to create significant details according to the script. He is very excellent at this part.” It could be seen that, Park YuChun and “Tae Kyung”‘s encounter was fated.

SCENE#3 Park YuChun’s Air

Yesterday he had to come out after sleeping for only 20minutes 

The action scenes the other day was so intense… and because of muscle pain and shoulder pain, I couldn’t even lie down. It’s too painful that I kept waking up. After I got hungry and ate the leftover tteokbokki, I was thinking I’ll just go back to sleep and went to lie down again. But my phone rang and I need to leave already.

It seemed like it was his first time doing action scene
Although my body is exhausted, working hard to put into more realistic acting and the actual process of doing it is such a joy.
Feelings when reading script of “Three Days” for the first time
The level of participation was at its highest. I was shocked that there was such genre in drama… The precision of the script was like a crime fiction novel. I really wanted to act in this drama. No. I was thinking I must act in the drama.
Reason you are attracted to the character, “Han Tae Kyung” 
He holds the master key controlling the whole case. There is no boundary in kind and evil. I think it is like a kind of jungle survival? He is the character who will find the clues to solve the riddle-like case. I wanted to try acting as a bodyguard since it is a job that I witness in my everyday life and thus understand to a certain extent. I also thought that it would be a chance to show a different side of me.


The conflict of shooting period between Episode 1,2 of drama and movie <Sea Fog>.


During the later stage of movie filming, I had to participate in drama shooting, going back and forth between two sides. Thus, it was especially unfortunate in the first episode. Other sunbaenims have already started shooting. They waited and hurried up to start filming once I reached the film set. We should have more conversations about our scenes even if we faced such situations. The shooting period was very tight… Because that was the first shooting, I was still not able to adapt myself to their tempo at the beginning stage. Due to all these reasons, it was harder for me to try to blend into the drama shooting. Now I would have more discussions before shooting so it does not matter any more.

A lot of conversations with the director.

On how to express my feelings through the lines in whatever situation in the script etc, I would discuss it with the director first before instilling it into the scene.

How would you describe Han Tae Kyung.

His professionalism as a bodyguard and as a son who lost his father, trying to solve the mystery, these two kinds of opinions. I met a lot of bodyguards who are only in a position to sacrifice themselves. That kind of sense of mission is not as easy to perform out as one describe. I can really say that they possess extraordinary bloodline. He needs to protect his father and the President. To Han Tae Kyung, there is nothing to be scared of in order to protect these two people. Compared to any dangerous situations that he facing, he is the bodyguard who has stronger will to protect these two persons. Thus, I want to express more on his calmness while thinking about those incidents and the complications behind them.

A classic image of a bodyguard. He should be smart, rational and calm.
Initially I thought that bodyguard should be calm, always have that peaceful kind of look. In reality it is also the same. They are calm but also quick in making judgement. I felt that even I have to act such boring role, my character will be very dull since everyone has the same character. So, when I was acting in emotional scenes, I tried not to act like a bodyguard. Compared to professionalism, I wanted to express the human side of the character.


First time acting with Son Hyun Joo.


I have acted alongside sunbaenim until episode 7 already. I really don’t know how to express my feelings when acting with him. Sunbaenim’s eyes looked too~~realistic. I shot some scenes with sunbaenim in episode 5. Although it’s not a crying scene, I can’t help but to shed some tears. When I saw sunbaenim’s eyes, I got crazy. Even though he doesn’t say a word, but his eyes says it all. It was till the extent that my tears would roll down non-stop as soon as I rehearse my lines with sunbaenim. I felt that his performance was too real.

Feelings driven out from other actors? I think so.

I was really shocked. I have already known his acting skills are great… As the storyline goes deeper, my character got absorbed into it and I gradually feel those feelings are coming out naturally. Working with Son Hyun Joo sunbaenim under such condition would only stir up my feelings more. The feelings here (below abdomen) would resurface. Even if it was only a gaze, I would feel touched.

Your feelings after reading scriptwriter Kim Eun Hee’s script.

Writer-nim’s script is perfect. I felt surprised everytime I read the new script. I respect writer-nim a lot. My initial thoughts when started acting in drama was, the script is the most important thing. I find all the things among the scripts and stay true to them. This is why I have repeatedly read the script and try very hard to remember it in my mind.

Kim Eun Hee scriptwriter’s work do not have any romance.

I think so… I don’t know either. Since the start I did not consider romance to decide on my work. Personally, I do not have any regrets… Not long before, writer-nim asked me about the romance part at the shooting location but currently Tae Kyung has to take care of too many matters. We still don’t know how the story will develop in the future.


Sincere praise among staffs.


The shooting set is nice. We understand each other well and I am very happy. Honestly, I felt that it is more suitable to shoot this drama during night time.. It was always very cold and the action scenes were a lot so it was very tiring but I felt different from before. Previously I restricted myself to be well-mannered on filming set. Now I just want to be comfortable, making jokes with staffs freely.

Accumulated inner strength already?

Rather than saying its inner strength, I felt that I gradually has such thoughts. When filming for <Sea Fog>, I realized that me being too polite may lead to uncomfortableness to the people around me. I felt that it would be better if I relaxed first and approached them. All this did not happen in one day. It was accumulated as time passed by. When I was asked last time on how was the atmosphere at the filming set, I would answer “Very good, very relaxing”. There were some difference in the details nowadays. Now, it is really really relaxing (smile).

The great feeling of filming movie <Sea Fog> still lingering strongly.

I really learnt a lot. About acting skills and I have also seen more of sunbaenims’ acting skills. Every scene was shot with an upmost effort. Voice recordings have also been done many times. I kept looking at the screen and later understood a lot on the technique of angles. More effective performance can be expressed according to every millimeter of angle and the difference each angle made. During the 4 months working with the staffs, having meals everyday and drinking together, the things I knew became more. Looking at sunbaenims’ acting, some of them had also given me lots of advice directly. For instance, the lacking of technical parts, or when lips were frozen and lines were not spoken smoothly, and yet our gaze must not let the audience feel boring. I have learnt that even if I had finished my lines, I still have to leave some suspense in my eyes. That would be reflected naturally in the end. Although I have not mastered this technique, I am always concentrated in doing this, not wanting to give up even a minute.



What will <Three Days> leave to Park YuChun.

Action star Park YuChun (smile)? I can also act in action scenes. Firstly, I wish that <Three Days> has a good ending. I hope that my acting skills will not change according to the environment. How is the surrounding here, how is the tempo there. These kind of variables exist in the film set a lot. I will not sway because of these variables and act as a steady performer. It will be easier for me to interpret roles in a more relaxing way.



A year ago, in <Singles> interview, you mentioned before that you wanted to act spontaneously.

I really said that before (laugh)? Before shooting for this drama, after rehearsal for script reading, I went for a gathering with sunbaenims. I said similar things at that place. I said, “I don’t want to be restricted in typical style.” Shin Kyun Soo director and the shooting director told me to act spontaneously! They will capture the angle themselves. There were scenes where I needed to adjust to the angle of the camera.When I did not have to do that, I just wanted to act freely.


Kor-Chi translated by:Sally,兰儿@百度朴有天吧


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