140525 Movie Sea Fog (Haemoo) At 67th Cannes International Film Festival

South Korean movies at the Cannes Film Festival

Although the splendor of the Cannes International Film Festival has started on the red carpet, there is a place even more fiercer/competitive. It is the Cannes Film Market which gathers movie professionals from all around the world. South Korean movies have strategically came forward. Among the hundreds of movies proceeding for sale, <HAEMOO> which was produced by Director Bong Junho was especially the one in the limelight. It was revealed that this movie had a considerable overseas sales outcome at the film market this year. Although further details weren’t provided yet, there is a high interest in Europe, including Asia.

For <HAEMOO> which stars Kim Yunseok and Park Yuchun as leads, the ‘premium’ that Director Bong Junho is the producer had a considerable influence on the sales outcome. In France, he is famous as the director of <The Host>, <Mother> and <Snowpiercer>. One representative from Finecut, which is in charge of the overseas marketing for <HAEMOO>, has revealed: “At Cannes, the overseas buyers who have watched the 15 minutes-long promotional video have commonly responded that it was an extremely powerful movie. In particular, we are more seriously approaching them on the fact that our material was based on a true story.”

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Credit: Ilyo
Translated by: @Sheenathe6004