140527 “Sea Fog” Stage Play Actor Song Saebuyk “If I were the producer, I would cast Park Yuchun too”

Actor Song Saebuyk is the actor that played the role of Dong Shik in the stage play version of Sea Fog (Haemoo) in 2007. He also acted as some minor roles in Bong Jun Ho’s previous movies. Actor Song Saebuyk is now under CJES.

When he asked director Bong Jun Ho whether he could be casted for the role in the movie version of Sea Fog, director Bong Jun Ho told him “Song, I am sorry!” Actor Saebuyk said “If I were the producer, I would cast a fresh new actor like Park Yuchun too.”

Credit: Daum

Translated by: Sheenathe6004 + 6002Sky

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