140504 All About 2014 Park Yuchun’s Housewarming Party in Seoul (Updating)


All the accounts were collected and translated from Twitter and mainly Weibo.

If there is ANY misleading information, please feel free to correct us

Section 1: Greeting and Happy Birthday Messages

Yuchun came out the stage, wearing grey suit, black undershirt, black pants. The MC is Kim Shin Young, a female gag woman.

Yuchun blew the candles on his birthday cake.

“Are you all feeling happy about my birthday party? This is the first time ever we had a birthday party like this right? Do you miss me a lot? Although we are apart, but our hearts are linked, how is everyone doing? For me, I have been burning midnight oil because I am so excited to meet everyone today. I have been everyone’s man for 10 years. Because of your love and support, I have become who I am today. So through this chance, I want to say thanks to everyone. I love you all.”

“This is my last birthday of my 20s. SO I try something like the old days (He meant his hair)”

“I am currently preparing for JYJ’s album. Since Jaejoong hyung and Junsu are busy, everything is not finished.”

Happy Birthday Messages were shown on screen.

Messages from Three Days casts (So Yi Hyun, Park Ha Sun, Choi Won Young…) 

Messages from JYJ’s members:

About Junsu’s message. Yuchun thought he already heard it somewhere. He said Junsu’s outfit was about to fall off xD.

“At 12KST today, Junsu sent me a text message “Yuchun ah~ Happy Birthday” He put 10 heart emoticon after that. After that he called me, the background sounded like some electric keyboard sounds, maybe he was gaming”

About Jaejoong’s message, Yuchun said it was soooo long, Jaejoong must be acting. Yuchun also said Jaejoong must want a fanmeeting for himself.

Messages from Mama Park:“Yuchun ah~ Today is such a blissful day that you came to this world. This place gathers many people that always love and protect you, you know? We will always give our Yuchun, who had been through a lot, lots of support. Son, I love you”

Yuchun was surprised when Mama Park called his name from the message. After watching the message, he teared up a bit but tried hard to hold it in. MC and his fans tried to console him. Yuchun said his mom came today and pointed at the stage.

Yuchun’s talk to his mom:

MC: What is the best present you received from mom for the past 29 years. Something that makes you happiest?

YC: Presents do not always have to be luxurious. It can be something like… when I wake up in the morning, my mom asks me “Yoochun ah~ You wake up already?” or daily questions like “Have you had your meals?” “What did you eat?”. Those little things are my biggest happiness.

To mom that came today, please live well. There are many things that can’t be avoided in life but no matter what, please live well. I love you. “

“To everyone, I am sincerely thankful for taking care of me and giving me a lot of love despite not seeing me a lot, I will work harder. For now, we are in the middle of preparing the album, we will meet everyone with better activities”


Section 2: Answering fans’ notes

Fan: Oppa, Happy Birthday to You! Today is my birthday to, please say something

YC: Happy Birthday!

Fan (This person is not a fan, but after watching dramas, she likes Yuchun a lot): What is your saddest time?

YC: When I get fat.

Fan: Please wink

YC: Do you all really want to see it? Why do you always want me to wink??? *MC and Fans requested him wink many times to different directions from stage*

The second time he was asked to wink to another side of the stage, after Yuchun winked, fans laughed and he nagged them “Don’t laugh!” Fans laughed even harder.

Fan: Please sing and dance to 3Bears

YC: *Sing and dance with very small actions* (After singing) Do you really want to listen to it or you just wrote it down? xD

Fan: Please dye your hair? (Or Junsu requested it?)

YC: I am not confident about having light hair color but I will try for JYJ’s comeback. It won’t be very extreme. I saw someone that has blue hair on TV, I don’t dare to do that.

Fan: Your current favourite song?

YC: Things called love – Yang Si On.

Fan: Please stay single until you are 40+

YC: *resisting* Eyyy

Fan: What is the most important thing for you in 2014?

YC: Time. Everyday is very precious. I have many thoughts recently. (MC: Wow Yuchun is very mature)

Fans: What do you want to do before turning 30?

YC: I want Yoohwan to be more successful with his career. I want to work harder to meet everyone as much as I can before my hiatus

Fan: What is your ideal type?

YC: When i am 10+ years old, I like everyone that is pretty. When I was in early 20s, I prefer extremely beautiful type. When I am approaching 30s, I prefer beautiful types. I am just kidding. I am not sure but it should be someone who ia kind and cheerful, someone who can understand my career.

Fan: When are you happiest and proudest?

YC: When there is no financial worry and there is food in the house.

Fan: What variety show do you want to attend the most?

YC: Witch Hunt

MC: What are you going to do after your service? Actor or singer?

YC: I will appear in noona’s radio show (MC Kim Shin Young has a radio show in which she invites celebrities especially idols to attend)

Yuchun sang Leaning on You – Mate. Yuchun first listened to the song while he was driving and he really likes it.


Section 3: Relationship corner. Yuchun gave fans advice in relationship as a man.

Yuchun changed into 2nd outfit with baby blue sweater and black pants.

A short video showing Yuchun in some activities was shown on screen, including when he was in Macau.

When it was time to reveal Yuchun’s never – been-seen-before photos, he became so anxious. Suspecting his mom, he looked down into the audience where she was seated and mouthed, “뭐? 뭐? (What is it? )” Then asked, “Was it you?” ^^

A fan told Yuchun that there was a guy that kept asking her about her Kakaotalk status, what does that mean? Yuchun laughed and nodded. He said many times he found KakaoTalk status nonsense and confusing.

Yuchun said he can’t be friend with someone he sees as woman, either he becomes her lover, or nothing. He cannot understand guys with many female friends around.

If a guy is not interested in a girl, he will not follow her or date her.

Yuchun said he is someone that if he doesn’t have feeling for someone at first, he will never have feeling for her no matter how hard he tries.

Yuchun does not like girls who spit. That makes him lose interest.

A girl shares everything (about her boyfriend) to her friends. Isn’t it too much? Yuchun does not understand that. He believes if true love exists, girls should not share many things about their relationship with friends.

Yuchun said girls did aeygo a lot. MC asked him if he often does aeygo, Yuchun said “No…” MC said “Don’t lie”. Yuchun then said ” I do not like to act cute…hyung”. He accidentally called the female MC “Hyung”. After that he jumped off his chair, apologized and bent down to ask for forgiveness. xDxD

Yuchun feels tired when PD did not say Cut in a kissing scene. He does not know what PD wants. There were too many kiss scenes because the PD kept asking for different angles.


Yuchun signed on his fangood cushion and pillow to give fans. And he said he had a pillow with his face on it in his room and everytime he saw it, he got startled.


Section 4: Cooking time

Yuchun made 2 lunch boxes with his signature on with given ingredients to give 2 lucky fans. He said, during his filming for dramas, he got a lot of food support from fans, so today he tried to make something nice for fans.

Yuchun said he could not really cook. He kept asking MC and staffs what to do. Fans say “Don’t worry~ We are gonna give you a lot of food support so you do not have to make lunch boxes”

Yuchun dropped the chopsticks when handing doshirak to the fan. Staff picked it up and gave to him. He refused and insisted for a new pair

Yuchun played Elimination Game to chose 2 lucky fans among audiences.  Chose one of the two options for each question to eliminate gradually. Whoever qualified until the last question will get the lunch boxes. Yuchun shook hands and hugged them

Over 1m65 or under 1m65 in height?

-Over 1m65

Long hair or short hair?

– Long hair

Black or colored?

– Black… or almost black.

Straight or curly?


White skin or tanned?

-White skin

Glasses or no glasses?

-No glasses

Double eyelids or single eyelid?

-Double eyelids

Plastic surgery or not?

-I would not mind…. well it would be better if she did not do it.

Mole on face or no mole?

-Does everyone have mole on face? I think everyone does… but anyway… no mole.


-240mm or less

Colored or black underwear?

– Yaaa that is too extreme…. colored?


The lunch box

Section 5: Fans and Yuchun corner.

Yuchun changed into dark blue suit in this section.

First he sang Empty Space for You

He sang Walking In the Spring With He, new version. Before he started singing, he clumsily dropped the mic which made a loud noise so he laughed out loud. During the song, fans started to throw paper planes to Yuchun. They threw it and picked up again to throw again. Yuchun was touched, he almost laughed while singing. He joked that many planes did not reach him, but it was so beautiful.

Yuchun’s Bucket lists:

1. Eat a lot, eat whatever he likes.

2. Have more albums, more acting projects. Have more quality production.

3. Have children. Want to see his mom taking care of his children. Want to be in KBS 2 Superman Return (Show about dad and kids spending time together in 2 days without mom)

4. Be healthy/No sickness.

MC asked if Yuchun wants twins, he said NO. But after a while he said maybe yes cos the pain his wife will go through will be just once. MC said, “Whether it’s twins or not, that depends on you (Yuchun).” xD


Yuchun said that one time he went out for a drink with Choi Min Shik sunbaenim. Choi Min Shik said “Yuchun ah~ Being singers or actors , success or failure, at the end we will eventually meet at the roadside stalls. So if we talk about the most basis expectation, isn’t it having a smooth and happy life?”


When fans feel most proud about Yuchun:

1. Yuchun receives praise from nonfans.

2. Yuchun gets awards.

3. Yuchun shows constant improvement in acting

Yuchun said during Baeksang voting, when he saw his votes came up really quick, he thought “Ah…really… fans have such power”


When fans are thankful to Yuchun:

1. Yuchun himself.

2. When Yuchun can feel the presence of fans.

3. When Yuchun gives fans positive strength.


When fans feel depressed/sad about Ychun:

1. Nothing

2. Kiss scenes

3. No chance to meet him on fanmeetings.


“Recently there are a lot of things I feel sorry for my fans. I should have more activities and do better. I have received many things from everyone. Being able to have your support, I feel so thankful. I know it is not easy for you. Even if I takes up just 1% or 2% of your lives, or just 1%, I am really thankful.”

Yuchun said he had plan of releasing Walking in the spring with her as digital single. He also wants to have a solo album and another acting project before enlist.

“Thank you for taking great care of me, I hope everyone has a blissful life. Being able to stay together, I am always thankful.”


Everyone that came to the fanmeeting was given a box of cute 6002 rice cake from Mama Park. Fans said the boxes are still warm.


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