140614 Yoochun greets fans in China’s Guangzhou through his ‘Housewarming Party’ fanmeet

Yoochun melted hearts in China!

He was at Guangzhou on the 14th for his ‘Housewarming Party‘. His label said, “Yesterday on the 14th, Yoochun had his ‘2014 Yoochun Fanmeeting Housewarming Party‘ at the Guangzhou gym. The press conference he had the day before in China was reported as big news on the daily news, so you could judge the passion. Because it was Yoochun’s first fanmeeting in Guangzhou, fans gave a hot response to every single word he said. Yoochun was surprised and happy because of fans’ surprise birthday video, and he gave them a special song in reply and spent a touching 2 hours with fans.

Fans gave Yoochun a birthday cake and sang the birthday song for his birthday on the 4th. His Baidu fanclub also sent him a congratulatory video, and Yoochun also sang the Korean version of the famous Chinese song “Tong Hua“. He also did the cutie player for fans, and even held a segment where he listened to fans’ problems. He also made fans kimbap on the spot. Gummy came out as a guest and sang the ‘Three Days‘ OST as well as her recent mini album’s title song. Yoochun said, “I’ve spent a lot of time with you. I’m very touched and thankful that you stayed here for over 10 years. Let’s share as much love as we can in the same time and same space.

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