140615 Fanmeeting Housewarming Party in Guangzhou reached a crowd of more than 6000 fans

On June 15th Guangzhou fanmeeting organiser mentioned to a Chinese newspaper ‘石广生’ that Yoochun’s fanmeeting had a crowd of more than 6,000 audience.

Q: Is Korean Stars performance fee high?

A: More expensive than domestic stars of the same level, but the rate of return is higher. But overall, the rate of return on investment of the Korean drama actors’performances/fanmeeting (in China) will be higher than the domestic field (Chinese actors’s FM). “Their tickets are selling well. For example, Park Yuchun on June 14, Guangzhou fanmeeting reached the scale which more than six thousand audience, it is good selling for a fanmeeting. And in the mainland, no movie/drama star could enter the market (holding a fanmeeting) in the true sense” Shi Guangsheng said.

Source: 南方都市报

Translated by: AliceChunsa + 64600264

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