140628 Park Yuchun Housewarming Party 2014 in Shanghai (Various – 32 Vids)


You are not shy when you say “I Love You?” You are full of love.

  Talk + Fairy Tale

Ending talk + Walk In the Spring With her

Relationship Talk

Cooking Time

Yuchun Singing 4 Songs + Talk

Faitry Tale

Walking in the Spring With her

Empty Space for you

Leaning on you



Consulting time  – Smart phone problem

Being shy when fans say Say I love you

Special Charms of Shanghai

Talk (First Section)

Ending Talk

Credit: 6002Nanal + @点点de星辰 + AntoinePYC + 青岛海薇Haivi6002 via Only6002Fanclub + 6002theVickie

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