140711 Sea Fog Character Introduction Video: Producer, Director, Casts’ Comments + BTS


[youtube http://youtu.be/caqfshpPY4I]

Translation of Yuchun/Dongshik’s Part


In the beginning, before we went into the shooting, I had deeply thought about many things regarding the character, Dongshik.
During filming, when we had days off, in the director’s room, with the director and Hongmae, we gathered together and had extra practices.
We discussed over every single scene, each by each again.
[Producer Bong Jun Ho]
Park Yuchun, this is his first movie.
I am very pleased about the fact that we got a remarkable actor in our movie field.
[youtube http://youtu.be/75SLJug5BjE]

Credit: TVCast
Capped by mmsoleil
Translated by: Uttunfan
Shared by: 6002Sky