140715 Sea Fog’s Exclusive Showcase at Busan Cinema Center (FULL) + Transcript

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Kim Yunseok introduced his character as “The pretty Park Yuchun’s captain.”

MC said Lee Heejoon seems to have many fans especially in Busan. Lee Heejoon responded “They are Yuchunnie’s fans, aren’t they?”as he looked to Kim Sangho who laughed along knowing he was teasing Yuchun. “In the movie, I hugged Yuchunnie a lot and I’m a reliable friend of his.”

Yuchun’s introduction:
Hi, I’m Park Yuchun. (loud cheers) Thank you. I received a lot of love from all my sunbaenims throughout the filming. Thank you for coming despite it being a rainy day.”

Kim Yunseok was talking about the guerrilla fanmeetings that was held prior to the showcase and commented that the cheers were really loud but now at the showcase it’s 10x louder. MC Park Kyunglim asked the audience to make some noise. After the audience had quieted down, Kim Yunseok said, “Except Park Yuchun’s fans, everyone please make some noise.”

MC Park Kyunglim asked if there’s anyone among the cast who can greet the audience in other languages. Lee Heejoon said he can’t but he can speak Korean in Japanese. (T/N: Watch the full video. It’s really funny!) He literally spoke Korean in Japanese accent and voice, “I hope you will show your love for ‘Sea Fog’. This is a movie which I filmed together with Yuchun. We are happy to film together with all these good sunbaenims. Thank you.”

The movie’s love line:
MC directed this at Han Yeri, asking if there’s a love line to be anticipated in the movie. Han Yeri said yes, there is. She described it as a 홍홍한 love line. (T/N: Not quite sure how to translate this. Basically it’s a good love).

MC asked for a hint with whom she has a love line with. Han Yeri said it’s with the person next to her now (T/N: Yuchun, of course). MC joked, “With Lee Heejoon?” And he played along, “It’s a love triangle” while showing himself, Yuchun and Han Yeri. Kim Yunseok joined in, “And eventually with the captain.”

After showing Dongshik and Hongmae’s kissing photo:
MC Park Kyunglim asked Yuchun for some explanations about the photo but Yuchun gestured at Han Yeri.
Han Yeri did not say that there was no NG when they filmed the kissing scene. She said that she is glad that it was completed very quickly.

Moon Sunggeun’s comment after viewing the kissing photo:
When talking about the kissing photo, Actor Moon said that the kiss scene is just beginning. There is progress after that but there is no photo of that now. (cr. @skytoyu)

MC said Han Yeri mentioned before that she is willing to even sell her house just to be in the movie. Kim Yunseok teased her that it’s because of Yuchun.

On ‘satoori’ accent:
Asked if the requirement to speak in dialect (satoori) stopped him from taking up Dongshik’s role, Yuchun said “Firstly, I did not hesitate because of the dialect. The first thing I felt was the urge to do it no matter what. The next thing was, I worried about how I would pull off the dialect.”

When asked to demonstrate the dialect, Yuchun said, “I’m not good at it but if you’ve seen the trailer, there’s a scene where I gave Hongmae ramyun. Ramyun in Joseon was known as ‘banggamae (빵가매)’.”

He then did the ‘satoori’: “Here’s some ramyun. Quickly eat it while it’s warm or it’ll cool down.”

MC Park Kyunglim praised him for doing it very well. She then asked Kim Sangho ahjussi how he would evaluate the ‘satoori.’ Kim Sangho ahjussi asked whose satoori and she told him Yuchun’s. Kim Sangho ahjussi cheekily said this, “My love for Yuchun is not one that can be evaluated.” XD

Sea Fog costumer:
Director Shim Sungbo chose Kim Sangho as the character with the best fashion in the movie.

About Yuchun’s fashion in ‘Sea Fog’:
During the first costume fitting, I went in to change and came back out. All the staff that were present burst into laughter as they said sorry. They said, “Yuchun-ah, sorry but there’s nothing that we can do about it. We feel sorry for fans.” I felt strange/unfamiliar too.

Questions session:
Each cast member were asked to read a question while the rest will answer. Han Yeri read a question submitted by a fan who asked about the appreciation point of the movie. Kim Yunseok said ‘Sea Fog’ is a sexy movie so the MC asked him because of who. Kim Yunseok joked that it’s because of him that the movie is sexy. He said that it’s the story about the people who escaped from the cargo in the end.

A backstage staff ran out to pass the question cards to Yuchun (T/N: seems like the display was down). Yuchun politely took time to say ‘thank you’. The question was about NG scenes which the cast can recall. Lee Heejoon answered that question.

MC Park Kyunglim asked who had the most takes. There was a short silence before Lee Heejoon went, “Well…” and simultaneously Moon Sunggeun, Kim Sangho ahjussi and Lee Heejoon turned their heads to Yuchun. (T/N: I guess everyone gets the hint)

Kim Yunseok added: “The longest NG take, if I remember, was between Han Yeri and Park Yuchun. Myself and everyone else were told to leave the scene. We didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t know what ‘business’ was going on inside within those 4 hours. That was the longest take. I, too, have to watch the movie to find out what those two were filming,”

MC Park Kyunglim: “What exactly were those two doing during those 4 hours? Let’s stop this topic right here…”

Photo-taking with fans whom questions were selected:
3 fans were selected and received a gift as well as a photo with Yuchun.

MC asked if they wanted a hug. (T/N: No-brainer! Of course they did. But the MC actually did not mention who). Lee Heejoon stepped out with arms wide open but was rejected by the fan. Yuchun laughed and put his hand on Lee Heejoon’s shoulder, feeling sorry. MC said Yuchun has to agree to hugging first. He submitted to the request and hugged the first fan. ‘You Are My Destiny’ (song from You Who Came From The Star) was played when he hugged her. Yuchun laughed so hard.

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