140729 Ice Cream Girl Jung Da Bin’s Heart-fluttering confession to Park Yuchun”Want to mee him again”

Ice-cream girl Jung Da Bin, in her latest photoshoot with Gangee August Issue, confessed: “I like Park Yoochun oppa. I have been his fans since I was 7. I met him before but unfortunately I can’t recall it very clearly”. She continued: “I still love him now. I want to meet him again for once.”


15-year-old Jung Da Bin recently finished the movie “Love Wins”.  She debut in 2003 in a famous Ice Cream CF and got the nickname “Ice cream girl” since then.

(T/N: Jung Da Bin was a child actress born in 2000. She appeared briefly with Yoochun in Miss Ripley as young Miri. She confessed “I want to marry Micky Yoochun” when she was 4 in a TV show. She talked about Yoochun many times before. Check here)

Credit: TVDaily

Translated and Shared by: 6002Sky