140731 ‘Sea Fog’ Park Yuchun: “In The Seaman Outfit, Noone Recognized Me” (Newsen)

[Photos by Yi Jae Ha]

On July 30th, at a cafe nearby Samchungdong, actor Park Yuchun shared his thought about his debut on big screen.

Sea Fog is about 6 seaman, sailing out to the open sea in the hope of returning with  a full boat.  In the mist of heavy sea fog, even not being able to see their own hands, they took the illegal immigrants on theit ship and got involved in a situation that they could not turn back. Park Yuchun was cast as the youngest seaman, Dongshik, and took his first step as a movie actor.

After dramas, about his first time challenging movie, Park Yuchun said “During the drama filming, there is a need of explosive effort, so physically and mentally it is very tedious. although I always like dramas, during the filming of a movie, I can have a lot of thoughts, so I feel blissful.

“Sea Fog’s filming site is at a village at the seaside with not much population, most of whom are the elderly. Noone recognized me when I wore the seaman clothes and walked around. they only saw me as a seaman. (Laugh) So such situation made it easier to think and act as Dongshik in the movie. The first movie was not filmed in Seoul but at other places , this helped me a lot, after filming ended, there were only the actors and the crew, so we only thought about acting and it was really fun.”

During the filming period, Park Yuchun who mingled well with the sunbae , Kim Yun Suk ,Lee Hee Joon, Kim Sang Ho, Moon Seung Keun & Yoo Seung Mok said: “One time, Kim Sang Ho hyung told me to bottom up (finishing it at one shot) in the broad daylight. He said after taking liquor, I can become a movie actor, of course , that is just a joke. But regarding to leading the conversation into deep topics , I like that even more in my daily life, chatting with the seniors on acting topic. always focusing on SeaFog and the relationship of the seamen, so the close relationship and friendship of the actors and the crews at the filming site, theoretically, help me even more. Because there were a lot of conversations at the filming site, even if we were filming at the middle of the sea, we still felt comfortable (not lonely)”

For Park Yuchun to go even further and better for his acting career, good seniors play an important role. Previously he acted with seniors like Cho Seong Ha, Jun Kwang Ryul , Han Jin Hee , Kim Seung Woo, and also “Three Days’ Son Hyun Joo & ‘Sea Fog’ Kim Yun Suk. Park Yuchun said: “Son Hyun Joo sunbaenim (senior) is charismatic inside but gentle outside while Kim Yun Suk sunbaenim is gentle inside but charismatic outside. In fact, acting with a great actor like Kim Yun Suk sunbaenim, I feel pressured. He is a big sunbaenim, isn’t he?”

Park Yuchun smiled while saying: “When I first met Kim Yun Suk sunbaenim, I was so nervous to the extent that I couldn’t even talk. But after living together on the ship, being around the sunbaebim, naturally I became the maknae seaman. Not only that, as the youngest there, I really became the maknae seaman Dongshik”

In fact, Kim Yun Suk , Kim Sang Ho, and all senior actors there treat Park Yuchun like their little brother. Similarly, Yuchun treats them like his older brothers and follows them around.When asked among Sea Fog’s seniors, who resembles seaman the most , Yuchun said: “To me , everyone looks like seaman. Captain is captain. It’s like they are the seamen that originally work at this place. If I have to choose, Kim Yun Suk and Kim Sang ho  resemble seamen the most.”

“After seeing the real seamen, their biggest characteristic is being really laid back. 12 hours can be used to do things that can be done in 1 hours. Because I am the youngest , I had to get up early to prepare, after I was done with my make up, I would see Kim Yun Suk sunbaenim walking around, being relaxant while looking at the sea and walking around in deep thoughts, it made me feel that he is so great.”

What make-up does the seaman’s appearance require? “Costumes also need connection, fingers and hands need to be colored, need to have a skin color similar to seamen. Lee Hee Joon Hyung ‘s front teeth still needed to be draw up”

“Dressing up exactly like seamen, there are a lot of benefits. No matter where, as long as you see a place, you can just lie down. when you are tired, you can lie down to rest anywhere. After filming for a while, the ship was as comfortable as home, everyone gathered around the ropes place lying down resting”

He added “Those who never really went on sailing before might not know, lying on a pile of ropes is really comfortable, it is like lying on a latex mattress that is technologically customized for your bodytype. The rope will wrap around the shape of your body, nothing is more comfortable than that.  When the weather gets a little cold, just wear a jacket, when there is sunlight, very fast you will fall asleep”

The kind of movie like Sea Fog gave Park Yuchun a lot of things: good seniors, first movie acting experience, the interest and the joy in acting, Park Yuchun got it all from Sea Fog. Still, he revealed his inner thought: “I am still not confident about my own acting. During the first movie screening, I sat in the waiting room, there were many big movie posters, when looking at those, I thought ‘Can I really take this kind of project?’ or ‘Even if I took it, could I do it well?’  such kind of insecure feeling”

Park Yuchun added: “I don’t know if it is because this is my first movie, I don’t know how I acted during filming, I used Dongshik to live at that place. Because I lived as Dongshik . Icould act till the end. even if next time i have chance to act in other movies, I wonder if I can act those roles like how I was able to act as Dongshik again?” For his first movie, Park Yuchun is worried and tensed waiting to know whether he can communicate with the audiences through his role.

Meanwhile, Sea Fog marked the first time for Bong Jun Ho as a producer and Shim Sung Bo as a director. After 11 years since Memories of Murderers, they teamed up to co write the script for Sea Fog. The movie also stars Kim Yun Suk, Lee Hee Jun, Kim Sang Ho, Yoo Seung Mok, Moon Seung Keun and Han Yeri.

Credit: Newsen

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