140801 JYJ Park Yoo Chun Makes Another Leap Through Film ′Sea Fog′ (Newsen)

JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun shared the story of being touched by director Bong Joon Ho.

Having made his big screen debut through film Sea Fog, Park Yoo Chun met with Newsen for an interview on July 30 in a café near Samcheong-dong.

In the film Sea Fog, Park Yoo Chun took the role of the youngest member of the ship’s crew named ‘Dong Shik.’

When asked if he has seen the numerous positive reviews on his acting, Park Yoo Chun said, “I’ve read some articles. But I’m the type to not read the comments much so I haven’t seen many. It’s tough to read the comment. It’s become a habit of mine since a long time ago. It was amazing to see my face on a big screen. Even one eye was up to 1.5 meters on the screen. I was surprised and embarrassed.”

“Instead of the comments, I heard what people around me said. There was an after party after the VIP preview for Sea Fog and everyone told me that they enjoyed watching the movie, saying that a good movie has been produced. They also told me that it’s amazing that I chose a film like Sea Fog as my debut project and that they see me differently. I felt awkward to hear things like that. Until now, every time I attended an after party for a movie preview, I felt comfortable since it wasn’t for my project, but this time I felt comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. It felt a bit like the project was being judged. When I heard that it’s a good movie and that I won’t get negative comments, I thought, ‘maybe I did well.’” (laughter)

Sea Fog is a project that many actors in their 20’s wanted to do. When Park Yoo Chun was cast for the role of ‘Dong Shik,’ many people were shocked and wondered whether he can pull it off. When the curtains opened, however, Park Yoo Chun was Dong Shik and Dong Shik was Park Yoo Chun.


“Many people asked me, like when I chose to act in Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal, how I chose to act in a project like Sea Fog. Since I debuted as a singer, they expected me to only take on cool and clean-cut characters and were shocked when I didn’t. I chose the projects based the scenario and the character. I worried about thing after that. For Sea Fog, I was only worried whether I can pull it off since it was a heavy toned movie.”

Park Yoo Chun shared, “My image can change based on my acting. So the agency was worried about Sea Fog in the beginning. There are some brutal and violent scenes and no one knew how they could affect me later on. But as an actor, Sea Fog was something that I really wanted to do so I said I want to act in it. I didn’t want to regret anything, although I didn’t know how I would be depicted in the movie. Now I think I’ve made the right decision.”

Director Bong Joon Ho had said about Park Yoo Chun, “I’m happy that our movie industry has gained a great movie actor.”

About this, Park Yoo Chun said, “I’m still not sure what he was praising about me. I feel awkward to hear those things. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t greedy as I acted.”

He said, “As I acted as ‘Dong Shik’ in Sea Fog, I wasn’t greedy. I didn’t need to. I was only concerned about harmonizing with director Shim Sung Bo and the other senior actors. I didn’t struggle to show something more in my acting. I practiced my scripts at the site and rehearsed together, discussing about certain parts from the scenario and enjoyed acting based on that. So Sea Fog is an embarrassing but not an embarrassing project for me.”


About director Bong Joon Ho, Park Yoo Chun reminisced, “Despite his busy schedules with Snow Piercer, he came to visit the filming site frequently. He didn’t tell me this directly and I heard it through someone else but I remember it the most.”

He shared, “As director Bong Joon Ho monitored the scenes, I heard that he said, ‘Dong Shik started becoming cuter and more lovely in the monitor, but now it’s time to say goodbye. I miss Dong Shik.’ I really can’t forget that. As soon as I finished Sea Fog, I had to start filming Three Days and director Bong Joon Ho told me, ‘Let’s have a drink after your drama ends. I think the drink will taste delicious if we drink as we look back on the hardships of now.’ He is an awesome person. That really cheered me up.”

He concluded, “It still doesn’t feel like Sea Fog is over. Since it is about to time for it to premiere, it doesn’t really feel like it’s completely over yet. I became a bit relaxed when I heard people’s comments at the after party for the VIP preview but I still feel like I’m filming Sea Fog. If I talk about Sea Fog and look back at the time, I really miss those moments. I feel like I have remnants of Sea Fog left in me.”

Meanwhile, Sea Fog will premiere on August 13.

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