140802 ‘Sea Fog’ Park Yuchun: “I want to try out Lee Hee Joon’s Character (The Star)

Reporter Jun Myung Hyung

Sea Fog’s Park Yuchun, “I want to try out Lee Heejoon’s character who has strong sexual desires.”

(T/N: Questions were submitted by fans through The Star Korea’s Twitter)

Q: I am curious about your feelings while counting down the days to the premier of your first movie. (@manduboll)

A: The wait until the day of premier was delightful. While it was exciting, I was also worried. Time passed just like that and I just wanted the movie to be quickly released to the world and to quickly hear good talks about it. Though there were many parts which could have been done better and there may be certain parts of the movie which are lacking to those who watch Sea Fog, it would be good if the movie can grab a good spot.

Q:It’s your first big screen challenge! What is the difference between a drama and movie? (@ggumi126415, @sand0108, @yunji1234555)

A:The thing which was most talked about was that ‘a movie has more temporal parts (in comparison to dramas) which gives more freedom. External part was unfamiliar and it is something I have not imagined. I just approached what was before my eyes and played Dongshik’s role. There were many preparations for (Dongshik’s) accent. Since it was my first time taking the role of a sailor, I was not well-versed about a sailor’s image. Hence I got myself busy by preparing for all those things and did not think too much about anything else. When filming finally took place, I could not really adapt to the flow and tempo. The time allowed to film a movie is more than filming dramas so it seemed like that was how I missed the tempo. It was amazing but I was also worried. There was never a need to worry about how my face would appear on drama screen and I was not too shy about it. I was nervous during my first filming though.

Q: You mentioned before that you like the cold and cold weather. You filmed ‘Sea Fog’ at the sea during winter so, do you still like the cold after that? (@6002thesohee)

A: The water was really icy cold; so much so that my muscles shrank. In that cold moment; it was really uncomfortable. To adapt, we went into the water to film for a long time but still, it was very cold. Even though the water was cold, it was fortunate that the warm sunlight in Geoje-do made it bearable. (You asked if I still like winter?) I really like winter but I like the warmth of winter. If winter passes by warmly it feels really warm don’t you think so? That’s what I like about it…(haha)

Q: Putting age aside, is there another character in ‘Sea Fog’ which you would like to act as? (@skytoyu, @Lovely_Mic, @TJ_BONO)

A: Chang-ok hyung (Lee Heejoon’s character). Because it is a very difficult character. You will be able to see if you think a person with strong sexual desires is a crazy person, but I as the person expressing it, when getting into position and I do not think of that, the “pretense” will just dwindle away. Lee Heejoon-hyung worried more than anyone else and had the most conflict at the beginning stage. It seems like a really difficult character. If I were to act as the character of Chang-ok will I be able to do it like Heejoon-hyung? Since I have this thought that I may not do it like he did, I would like to try it once.

Q: You do know that Sea Fog is invited to the Toronto Film Festival, right? What are your thoughts about your first movie being invited to the International Film Festival? (@ii_ping, @6002theBidamy, @DongGul6002)

A: Being invited, I would like to attend no matter where it is. I think it would be extremely awesome. It is a significant thing to receive an invitation for us who have suffered a lot in filming in this movie. I wouldn’t want to fall out from that given place. (What if you are awarded Best Male Newcomer?) It would be great if I could receive that, right? But there are many distinguished actors and being in a great film as this is a joy for me in itself so, I do not have desire for the award. I may think it’s great for other films to receive the award or want a certain type of film to win the award, but I really have no greed for Sea Fog. To me, Sea Fog itself feels like a great award to me so I do not have huge greed (T/N: for other awards). It would be great to have many people watching the movie.

Credit: The Star

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