140806 Veteran Actor Kim Yun Suk: “Park Yuchun does not just absorb acting and music, he also absorbs people”

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A: Park Yuchun-gun acted really well. It is really great for him who has not reached the age of 30 to act this well in his first movie debut. Honestly, I did not know who he was before this. I am not aware of idols and I am not concerned about male idols in particular. There were many bad conditions but he still performed very well. I hardly taught him anything. I think he only watched how I put myself into filming and did his own homework. After absorbing that, if Park Yuchun-gun continues to work on it he will surely succeed.

Q: In Sea Fog, you worked with Park Yuchun and in Tazza:The highrollers, you worked with Big Bang TOP. What do you think about these 2 actors who has idol background?

A: During filming, I was with Park Yuchun the whole time. He’s like a sponge. He absorbs not only movies and music genres but also people as well. Like a kid who plays with adults? I know he did not grow up like a greenhouse flower. He earned his independence through hardships. Even his face expression is calm. He is a friend who doesn’t stress out. As for TOP, I was only with him for two weeks, I don’t know much about him. He’s the kind who doesn’t want to bother others. He seems to be a thorough and sensitive person I guess. But both will be sent to the army (laugh)


Actor Kim Yun Suk confessed how to turn into a real life seaman in his latest interview: “To make a practical seaman, the appearance is very important. In the documentary in which the crew talked about the process of making the movie, the art, costume and make-up team tried to create the look of real life seamen during 1998 IMF era. Of course seamen look nicer now, but back then it was much more difficult for them”

He explained: “Maybe because of that we gained a lot of weight. When we were filming in Yeosu, together with the local actors, we drank a lot”. He continued: “In order to maintain the looks of real life seamen, the only way is to live their lives, we decided to always eat and drink together late at night. we even went to the dockside to drink. During that time, if you could remember our maeknae Park Yuchun from JYJ, he had really round and chubby face. Not long ago when we met for Busan showcase, I even asked him “So you originally looks like this?”


When talking about Captain Cheolju (Kim Yunseok’s character in Sea Fog) being a rational person:
The craziest person is Dongshik (Park Yuchun). He’s crazy in love. But, is that love? With someone who he does not really know?

Referring to mimicking the life of real seaman:
We drank at the sea front and the quayside. Other actors did the same too. JYJ was no exception. So, Park Yuchun’s ability to absorb is really good (T/N: Not sure if he meant ability to absorb acting or alcohol tolerance…haha)

When talking about actions scenes:
There are many nervous and clumsy people but Park Yuchun is soft and flexible. He really suffered a lot. He injured his arm but did not say a word and just kept it to himself.

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