140818 Veteran Actor Yoo Seung Mok: “Is It Really Park Yuchun? He Is Different From His Peers”

“In the cold and tough conditions, Yuchun silently endured and acted very well just like his role, Dongshik. All of us were surprised to see him like this. He did not show his hardships and did very well to the extent that we had to ask ourselves ‘He’s really an idol star, right?’ “

Source: MBN

“Park Yuchun went through the biggest physical transformation. Kim Yunseok sunbaenim and myself look like seaman once we put on dirty clothes. He (Yuchun) had to put in a lot of effort and I was surprised he even gained weight on purpose. After that, I watched Three Days and was shocked, ‘Is that Park Yuchun?’ He is really good at acting. Different from his peers. Everyone is full of praise for his quiet and calm acting Even when shooting in the cold and his feet are freezing, he would not ask for heater.”

Source: Ahjunews

Chinese translation: 暖日呀呀

English Translation: Yochwennie

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