140821 Child Actress Kim So Hyun: “Yuchun Oppa Has Always Been My Ideal Type”

Child actress Kim So Hyun in her new drama ‘Reset’ press conference was asked how she felt about Gwak Dong Yun choosing her as his ideal type, she said: “I am very grateful”

Then she was asked whether he is also her ideal type, Kim So Hyun laughed: “No he is not” She continued: “My ideal type is Park Yuchun who I acted with in MBC I Miss You”

Comparing the attractive points of her colead Chun Myung Hyun in Reset and Park Yuchun, she said: “Yuchun oppa has been my ideal type for a long time. I am really a fan of him. Chun Myung Hyun oppa is a  very comfortable and friendly brother when I met him during filming”

(T/N: Kim So Hyun mentioned Yuchun several times before. Check here.)

Credit: OBS + The Fact

Translated and Shared by: 6002Sky