140823 Actress Jung Yumi: “Park Yuchun Said He Would Treat Me Sashimi in Gunsan”

Jung Yumi (Rooftop Prince) in her recent interview during her movie promotion mentioned Park Yuchun who she worked with in Rooftop Prince. She said “Yuchun promised to treat me in Gun San”

“Park Yuchun told me if I came to visit him at his filming site, he would treat me sashimi. I was so happy that he asked me but due to the conflicting schedule, I could not manage to go. So I told him “fighting” and that I would cheer for him. (Back then) I didn’t know our movies would overlap this way” (laugh)

She continued: “I hope Sea Fog 3 D and Tunnel 3 D will both do great”

Credit: Nate

Translated + Shared by: 6002Sky