140827 KBS2 Full House: Singer Kim Wan Sun “Park Yoochun is my ideal type” “Only 17 years age gap” (w/ Translation)

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[T/N: Only rough translation]


Comedian Lee So Young: When we went out together, Kim Wan Sun kept saying ‘It is hard’ “I am sad” so everyone told her to meet someone nice soon and get married. But the problem is the types she likes to date are Park Yoochun and Lee Min Ho. She kept saying ‘I like Park Yoochun’ ‘I like Lee Min Ho’. Honestly, what is this chingu thinking? Please think about your position. The age gap is too huge. She should meet some one like Lee Jung Woo (another middle aged comedian on the show) so it is easier to match.

Another middle age female comedian: But ideal type is just ideal type. Me too, my ideal type is Park Yoochun, or Jo In Sung but in reality I only get to meet people at the age of Lee Sung Jae (Grandpa over Flower member)

MC 1: How much is the age gap with Park Yoochun?

Lee So Young: Isn’t it 20 years?

Lee Wan Sun: No it is not up to 20 years, only 17 years.

Other casts discussed about how everyone watches dramas and fantasizes about the actors like Park Yoochun, Jo In Sung and forgets about the big gap with the reality. They expect there will be men like that in real life. There is no such story in real life.
MC1: What do you think?
Kim Wan Sun: I want to date/fall in love with that person.

Everyone laughed.

MC1: Park Yoochun is too young, it won’t work, how about someone older?

MC2: How about 5 to 10 years age gap?

Kim Wan Sun: No, I don’t like them. Those people don’t suit my eyes so I can’t date them.



Credit: KBS2 Full House + Naver

Translated + Shared by: 6002Sky