Heuksando – The journey to Park Yuchun Library second branch (ladyM – 107 pics)

Following the first library in Sinan-gun, Jangsan-myun, the second Park Yuchun Library is in Heuksando. The kind hearted members of “Blessing Yuchun” have donated 10, 000, 000 KRW and 6600 books. The 10million KRW was used to modify the book shelves and to buy projecters etc..

I was alone during the journey, wearing my earphones, listening to YuChun’s songs. Before my eyes, it was as though I could only see one person on the screen.

Mokpo Port. The journey to Hueksando required 2 hours fastest. Previously I had taken seasick pills. I was feeling a bit solemn.

Passed by a fishing boat.

The Mokpo Port lighthouse that I saw last year when I was on my way to Jangsan-myun. I felt very happy to be able to see it again.

Tonight YuChun will be performing in Taiwan concert. Do enjoy the blissful moments on stage. I was looking out at the vast sea through the window.

The sunset of Heuksando.

It was as if the sky was surrounded by the clouds of Heuksando. It was too beautiful.

Park Yuchun Library is on the island of Heuksando. There are around 3, 000 residents living on this island. There are primary and elementary schools here. Park Yuchun Library is mainly prepared for the younger students, from Grade 1-3. There are 21 students altogether. We have prepared facilities for the tuition classes of the children. There is no movie facilities here so we have bought projector. The children can watch movie for the first time today. The thought of letting the children to watch movie sooner made me choose to take the speed boat. Let’s fly towards the library~~~!!

The children that were watching cartoon earnestly.

Dawn at Heuksando. No sea fog could be seen at all.

“What are these?”

“Sea snails that were just caught.”

I woke up very early in the morning and so was the ahjusshi on the boat.

The sceneries in Heuksando were very beautiful but let’s get into the main event.

Park Yuchun Library second branch

Clean and bright library. We bought 6600 books and about 3000 books have been arranged. The 3000 more left will all be put in by  the end of this year.


Usually the teachers on this island are hired from outside but due to the steep formation of the island and the time to reach the island is very long, most people refuse to visit this place again after their first time. Most of the time they resolve the problems by themselves but they were short of manpower. Even if they ordered and asked their items to be delivered to the island, the cost is just too expensive. What about the lives of the people on this island? With our library rooting here now, continuous support and caring are absolutely needed.

The children are happily playing in the library because they feel very comfortable. I felt very blessed when seeing these happy children.

A welfare worker from the Sinan Welfare Department was introducing YuChun to the children.

Everyone raised their hands when being asked who had watched the movie the day before. In the future, they can watch twice a month. ^^

The children were us a congratulatory performance. They looked exceptionally cute wearing hanbok. The children also said that they will “read books in Park Yuchun Library”. Let’s build your dreams here.

The head officer of the local Heuksando office was introducing Park Yuchun Library.

The Mayor of Heuksando was giving congratulatory speech.

Let’s realise your goals and dreams in this library! Fighting!

Although the library is small, it is a happy event to let the children learning in this space.

To the children, the place to study is also their playground. The children of Heuksando already has Park Yuchun Library now. It will be better if they strive hard towards their dreams. It’s good to grow blissfully with the existence of this library.

The children have return home. It’s time for us to leave too. The children will come to Park Yuchun Library tomorrow but I will only become a memory at this momento.

I feel very grateful to be able to meet you here.

It was raining. I went on the boat.

I will never forget you if memory can be together forever. Just like the lighthouse having the most beautiful vast of sea, Heuksando will have Park Yuchun Library.

Source: ladyM

Chinese Translated by: 天迹追踪_盛儿

English Translated by: ParkYoochunSGFC

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