140918 Park Yuchun Sent Heartwarming Message to Congratulate Blessing Yuchun 4th Anniversary


To celebrate the fourth anniversary of Blessing Yuchun, they sent rice cakes to Yuchun and people around him to show their appreciation. The rice cake they sent to Yuchun was blue, which is Yuchun’s symbolic color. It is made from bokbunja and the decorations on it are flowers made of red beans.
They’ve been sending rice cakes to people around Yuchun every year as tokens of their appreciation, and this year they sent ones made at a famous rice-cake master’s shop.

Yuchun’s mom sent them a photo of the cake to show she had received it. She also sent a photo of a piece of paper that Yuchun had signed.

It said, “Blessing Yuchun! Thank you as always!! I am not good at expressing my feelings, but in my heart…… Congratulations on your fourth anniversary!”.



Credit: BlessingYuchun

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