[ English Dubbed] 140922 San Sebastian International Film Festival – Haemoo Press Conference

[youtube http://youtu.be/9ZGqONtEA7A]

At 14:25

SSB: “…The actors were able to concentrate themselves very well playing their roles and I think i got it right… the decision I made”

At 49:45

SSB: “Park Yuchun gun-ie~  was interested to play the role. When he read the script, he wanted to perform this character. This chingu was interested in the performance not concerned about he idol and the star that he is. Then meeting Park Yuchun in person I realized this is a nice guy and he has this positive energy. The existence of Park Yuchun has a lot of point in common the subject of matter of the film so I wasn’t too concerned about whether he can play the role or not”


Credit: San Sebastian

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