141006 Choi Woo Shik: “When I watched Haemoo, I really envied Yuchun hyung”

Choi Woo Shik

acted as Do Chi San, the yellow ranger in Rooftop Prince with Yuchun in 2012. He came to Busan International Film Festival for his movie “Giant”

“We had a lot of fun filming Rooftop Prince, but when I watched Yuchunie hyung in Haemoo, I really envied him”

“If watching drama is like reading a newspaper then, watching movies is like reading an everlasting magazine. Especially ‘Haemoo’ which seems like a good magazine which can be read for life. I am, in fact envious that a good magazine like this can be shot.”

“I would like to try out shooting for a magazine like this. Those people who appeared with him [Yuchun] were really cool too. Yuchunee-hyung acted as his character, Dongshik really well so it became even cooler. “

“I’ve always wanted to act alongside Han Yeri. Seeing Hongmae in the movie made the character more charming than in the script.”


Choi Woosik revealed that he was supposed to have a drink with Yuchun during BIFF. “Initially, I was supposed to go for a drink with Yuchunee-hyung yesterday (3 Oct) but because I was first to back out, we couldn’t meet.”

Source: OBS News (1),(2)
Translated by: 6002sky + yochwennie

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