141008 Jung Yumi responded, “Park Yuchun’s love call? It’s Amazing He Knows Me”

On 3rd October in Haeundae, Busan at BIFF Village, during the open talk and interview, ‘Birth of An Actor, Park Yuchun’ when Park Yuchun was asked,

“Which female actor do you want to act with?” he responded, “Someone who is currently starring in a drama” pointing out Jung Yumi while giving the reason, “She has a gentle image and looks pretty.”

To this, Jung Yumi responded, “Thank you. I thought it’s amazing that he knows about me. When I first heard about it I was like, ‘He knows me?’ “

“So if you are offered to act with Yuchun in the next work?”  Jung Yumi answered: “I will look at the scenario first”

Note: Parts unrelated to Yuchun were omitted.

Credit  TV Daily

Translated by yochwennie + 6002Sky

Shared by: 6002Sky