141101 Kim Yun Seok : I thought that « Micky Yoochun » was two different persons

Note : This week, the Paris Korean Film Festival was held. Haemoo was the opening movie and Kim Yunseok was a guest, holding a masterclass later in the week.

– Only the parts related to Yoochun have been translated-

When we ask him (Kim Yun Seok) what he thinks of this new wave of idols and singers turning actors without any formation, the actor sees no objection to it.

Kim Yun Seok then took the example of his fellow actor in the movie « Haemoo » : Park Yoochun (JYJ). At first, he had the whole room burst in laugh when he shared an anecdote about the singer « TVXQ isn’t it ? Park Yoochun… Micky Yoochun… At the beginning, I thought that « Micky Yoochun » was two different persons. » He then explained that Yoochun was a good actor, who put his all in what he was doing, with a real will to do well.

Source: Soompi France
Translation: TVXQ France (Leia)

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