141103 Movie Critics Shim Young Sub: Park Yuchun won KAFC Best New Actor “After 1 Round With Overwhelming Margin”

Park Yuchun won Best New Actor Award in 34th KAFC Awards (Korean Association of Film Critics Awards)

Movie Critic Shim Young Sub (Chinablue9)


Yoochun. Congratulations on winning Korean Association of Film Critics’ Best New Actor Award.


I was there ,he won over the two rivals of ‘The King of Jokgu’ and ‘The Attorney’ with an overwhelming margin. It usually needs 2 rounds to the final; but it ended after 1st round (this time).

Movie producer Choi Seung Ho (aimhighpicture)



Park Yuchun… Good Actor… I have a feeling I will see him around for a long time!

Credit: @Chinablue9 @aimhighpicture

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