[Tutorial] How to Vote for Yoochun as People’s Choice Actor in 2014 Nate Awards (Deadline 12/11)

The voting for 2014 Nate Awards will last from November 20th to December 11th
You can vote one per day per ID
The result will be announced on December 16

      1. Open up Nate. Click the button to register. 

      2. Choose the center option to join as a regular member. 

      3. On the next screen, check all the boxes to agree to the terms and conditions. Then click agree (the blue box) at the bottom of the page. 

      4. Fill out your information accordingly. 

      5. Verify your account through email. 

      6. Check your email for the message from Nate and click “Confirm” to validate your ID. 

      7. It will take you to this page afterwards. Just click ok. 

      8. Then your screen will look like this. Click the last button to be taken to Nate’s homepage and sign in with your new I.D.

      9. Now, click Nate Awards 

    1. Log in your account

    1. Click the line to show the drop down

    1. Chose Yoochun’s Photo

    1. Click Vote Button

Tutorial by Shinhwa Fansupport + 6002Sky
Shared by: 6002Sky