[TUTORIAL] How to Vote for Park Yuchun and Haemoo’s Team in 35th Blue Dragon Film Awards


The voting will partially contribute to the ending result (Judges’ Decision + Voting Result). We currently have not updated about the ratio this year but last year Voting:Judges = 1:8.

Haemoo has 6 nominations in 35th Blue Dragon Film Awards:  Park Yuchun (Best New Actor), Shim Sung Bo (Best New Director), Han Yeri (Best Supporting Actress), Hong Kyung Pyo and Kim Sang Ho (Best Cinematographer), Lee Ha Jung (Best Art Production), Shim Sung Bo & Bong Jun Ho (Best Writing).

You can vote one time per day with one ID (1 email to register 1 ID). The voting period is from 12/4 to 12/14

Step 1: Click here . The page below will appear. Fill in your ID and password or register a new account.

Step 2: Tick “Yes,…” to agree with the regulation.

Step 3: Fill in necessary information.

Step 4: After you click “Submit”, there will be some pop up windows, click OK to all.  A new page appears. Scroll down and start to vote. (If this page doesn’t appear, click here). You have to vote for every section. Pick your favorites or randomly for other sections. 

(Optional) It won’t take much time, let’s support Haemo team for their great work.

Step 5: Type 박유천 in the first blank. Type an actress’ name in the next box, you can either chose your favourite actress or a random name above.

Step 6: A pop up window will appear saying you successfully voted.

Step 7: You can vote everyday. The next day to vote again, click here. Normally, you will automatically log in. However, in case the window in Step 1 pops up, fill in your ID and password.  After you click enter, a new page will appear. Chose the first section and repeat from Step 4.


 Have fun voting to support Haemoo and Yuchun! Remember to vote everyday!

Tutorial made by 6002Sky